Getting social with Topcon

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Getting social with Topcon

Topcon, a leading optical instruments manufacturer, has worked with MAXX for many years on design and printed materials, and for its support for its key annual trade show, Optrafair. One other area where we have been able to help the company is in developing a strategy and delivering social media for Topcon in the UK. 

Initially the company was unclear whether or not there would be potential for the business that deals predominantly with ophthalmic surgeons and opticians, via social media, so we started with some research to explore the market. We found, to everyone’s surprise, that there was an active and engaged community of Twitter users amongst opticians. We put a strategy together to help Topcon capitalise on this and also to use other platforms to best effect, including Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. 

Five years on and we still use social media to increase awareness of the Topcon brand online, update customers and prospects with new eyecare products and to drive product sales. Topcon now has a thriving Facebook and Twitter page with regular daily interaction and the company is leading the field in its social media presence. It regularly receives feedback, testimonials, promotion and enquiries through the page due to MAXX’s work and its social media activity has become truly profitable.  We even took an order for a highly valuable piece of optical equipment over Twitter!

"MAXX has successfully managed Topcon (Great Britain) Limited’s social media channels for the last 5 years, building our social media presence and turning it into an excellent promotional tool for the business. They have a real skill when it comes to turning complicated content into clear and concise messages tailored to our audiences. Our Twitter profile has become particularly popular, especially during events where it is a resource for both internal staff and our customers. I really enjoy working with the social media team at MAXX who have proven that they are consistently passionate, committed and hard working."

Bryony Stather, Marketing & Events Manager, Topcon (Great Britain) Limited

If you need help putting together a strategy to plan your social media activity, training for your staff or help to manage your platforms, please get in touch with [email protected] or call 01635 521224