MAXX Top 3 Christmas Adverts of 2019!

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MAXX Top 3 Christmas Adverts of 2019!

So, it’s safe to say that Christmas has well and truly arrived. With Christmas less than a week away, the season has officially begun for mulled wine, food shop stress, mince pies and of course, the MAXX office votes for their favourite Christmas adverts! 

Christmas themed adverts started launching at the end of November and it can be hard for brands to come up with something original and stand out from the crowd. Everyone at MAXX was given a range of Christmas adverts to choose from, there were votes for KFC, WWF, Sky and for Aldi’s famous Kevin the Carrot but three came out on top: 

3rd place: M&S - Go Jumpers for Christmas



In third place was the M&S advert ‘Go Jumpers for Christmas’. The advert was set to House of Pain’s 1992 hit Jump Around and featured a signature ‘shoulder roll’ move that M&S hopes could hit dancefloors and social media over the festive season. The advert is trying to convey that it is the most wonderful time of the year and that M&S’ Christmas jumpers and classic knits are needed to spread the seasonal spirit. 

Remember to hashtag #GoJumpers if you want to share your attempts at the ‘shoulder roll’ online! Linking the advert to a hashtag is a great way to get people involved and direct new viewers to the ad through social media.

2nd place: Samsung Galaxy - Connect your Galaxy this Holiday



In second place was the Samsung Galaxy advert ‘Connect Your Galaxy This Holiday’ which stars ‘Chewie Dog’, a small canine who looks like the Star Wars Wookiee character Chewbacca. The advert follows a young boy who repeatedly shares a picture of a dog online with the hashtag #RescueChewieDog as he tries to persuade his father to adopt the animal. Eventually, when they go to the animal shelter, they find that the Chewie Dog has already been adopted which is when they notice a cat that is portrayed as being from the Dark Side. 

It is safe to say that we have a few Star Wars fans in the office, so it is not a surprise that this Christmas ad came in as a strong second! 

1st place: John Lewis & Waitrose - Excitable Edgar



In first place we have the John Lewis and Waitrose advert featuring the popular (yet slightly clumsy) Excitable Edgar. John Lewis has a high reputation to maintain when it comes to its Christmas Adverts, with the pressure on for a great Christmas ad following the rebrand under the John Lewis Partnership last year (Waitrose and John Lewis), the MAXX offices’ have voted that the Partnership has returned to fine form this year!

The advert was set to ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ by Bastille singer, Dan Smith. John Lewis successfully did its usual job of pulling at viewers’ heartstrings with the use of an excitable dragon named Edgar. The plot follows the story of a dragon who struggles to contain his enthusiasm (which manifests as fire breathing) over Christmas related activities. As a result, Edgar refuses to go to the village feast for fear of ruining Christmas altogether. But his friend, Ava, finds a solution which encourages him to join in the Christmas festivities!

With its amazing animation and heart-warming storyline, it’s no wonder MAXX voted this John Lewis advert as their 2019 Christmas favourite!

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Merry Christmas from MAXX!