Top 5 Christmas Campaigns of 2017

It’s that time of year again! The tree is up, the Christmas Radio Times has been scanned and hopefully by now you’ve been able to purchase a present or two!  

The other festive tradition we are particularly fond of is our annual countdown of the top 5 Christmas adverts. This year I’ve delved through the many adverts that retail outlets, restaurants and more had to offer and selected the best. I should stress at this point that this is my opinion and doesn’t reflect everyone at MAXX. You’d be surprised how many Moz the Monster vs Heathrow Bears discussions we’ve had in the MAXX offices! 

Toys R Us – Geoffrey the part time Reindeer

“It’s a magical place we’re on our way there…” is there a chance that I am slightly biased towards this advert because of the nostalgic memories of getting excited about Toys R Us every time I heard this music as a child? Yes. That’s probably exactly why I love it! However, it is great to see that Toys R Us has updated its animation style, humour and music for a modern generation of children. The advert is also genuinely amusing, from the timing of the music when Santa drops his sack to the updated lyrics for the song (“there’s millions of Geoffrey’s all under one roof”) this advert earns a lot of smiles from more than just nostalgia.

MANOR – Christmas drawing

This fun animation from a Swiss department store sees Santa and his array of helpers confused by a small boy’s drawing. With unique ideas such as Santa having a moody teenage son with a computer, this short animation takes the idea of not being able to work out what a child has drawn to new places. It’s also a very clever way of promoting the store, something that is often forgotten!

Vodafone – Christmas Love Story & Debenhams - Find Your Fairytale

Ah I’m a sucker for a good love story! Such a sucker that I couldn’t choose between these two! Whilst neither of them have Hugh Grant or a glittery pop soundtrack, they are both ambitious and should be applauded for this. Vodafone’s 6 part love story sees Martin Freeman fall in love over a shared admiration for the film Casablanca whilst Debenhams’s two part fairytale, narrated by Ewan McGregor, echoes Cinderella. It’s a brave choice to produce multiple adverts that tell one story as it requires investment from an audience… an audience that will be battling wrapping paper whilst they watch TV! Both adverts make the list to honour this bravery, mark the point where Christmas adverts get more filmic (who knows what we will see next year!) and of course… because I’m a big softie that loves a romantic tale!

BBC ONE – The Supporting Act

Another advert that highlights the growth and importance of the Christmas campaign – it’s no longer just the supermarkets getting in on the act, the TV networks themselves are creating films! This short from the BBC sees a young girl prepare for a Christmas talent contest. Despite her constant preparation, when it comes to the big event she needs her Dad’s support. This beautifully animated short conjures up all the right emotions for Christmas including a sense of adventure, family and being a child and having the world at your feet.

Migros – “Finn”  

With TV networks creating adverts and retail giants bringing in movie stars, there is clearly a lot of competition this year for the best campaign. Whilst this makes for an enjoyable afternoon in the office (watching YouTube can be work!), it does mean that you start to see the same ideas. This advert, however, is so original and heartwarming it had to be my personal favourite. It comes from Swiss supermarket Migros and takes a look at the real life of a till at Christmas. Yep. You read that right – the real life of a till. Told you it was original! 

I hope you have all enjoyed this year’s countdown and have a fantastic Christmas this year. Don’t forget there is still time to enter our Christmas competition and be sure to check our Christmas closure details as well.

Merry Christmas

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