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We have been comfortably settled in our lovely canalside office for over a year now (which seems hardly possible in itself) and despite the fact that we were able to paint the new offices with our own MAXX colours and designs, we still felt the walls were a little bare. We felt there needed to be a little more colour and personality to reflect the creative, vibrant nature of MAXX.

We agreed that each member of staff should select a piece of art that meant something to them. It could be a painting, a piece of photography or even an album cover – there were no real restrictions – but then we would hang the art on walls throughout the office.

Now that the pictures are hanging proudly on the walls, we thought we’d put together a series of blog articles to share each person’s chosen piece and to explain why the particular artwork resonates with him or her.

So, to kick things off, I’m Holly and I work within the marketing department at MAXX. My personal favourite artwork is by a little known Welsh artist called Susie Grindley, whose work I discovered in a small gallery whilst on holiday in St David’s in Pembrokeshire. She specialises in capturing idyllic scenes of various UK coastlines, (Welsh, in particular!).

I fell in love with her cute and quirky representations of the architectural features and the bold, cheery colours of the various landscapes and seaside towns.  Having visited St David’s many times whilst growing up, I have had many special memories there, hence why I have a great fondness of the place.

I feel that the trio of paintings on display accurately represents the charm and character of the tiny seaside city. Just by looking at the paintings, I can almost feel the invigorating sea air whipping my skin; smell the fresh, earthy aroma of the Pembrokeshire countryside and taste the sweet creaminess of the ice cream from the local parlor. It’s nice to be reminded of such special memories, just by looking at these pictures on the walls!

The next in the series is Cathy's choice of artwork: A Little Piece of Wales


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