Meet legendary MAXX the bear: The beginnings of a brand

Meet legendary MAXX the bear: The beginnings of a brand

You may have wondered, (if you don’t already know), why MAXX Design is called MAXX. MAXX Design received its name courtesy of a very special… well, bear. The legendary story goes: (yes, this is going somewhere) that Dermot, our Managing Director – after years of moaning about how his parents never bought him a teddy bear, was finally bought a teddy bear by his long suffering wife, Katie. The real MAXX bear is now 35 years old and Dermot has never let him go since – in fact, he’s responsible for the whole MAXX brand. Quite an achievement – clearly he is no ordinary bear.  

So now, after over 20 years of MAXX trading as a design agency, MAXX the bear thought it was about time to pass the legacy on and share the responsibility a little. MAXX Design has grown over the years from a traditional design for print agency, to a master of all arts: specializing in full digital services, campaigns and social media strategies – though we’re still pretty damned fine graphic designers too! MAXX is so integrated with our brand now, we are now sending MAXXbears out!  

MAXX the bear, in order to help look after our growing number of clients is sending his army of mini MAXXbears to take care of and inspire our valued clients. So, if you do receive one through the post, remember to adopt him fast! The side effects of having one on your desk may be extreme waves of nostalgia and sentimentality, a plethora of inspirational ideas that you don’t quite know what to do with, and possibly extreme office jealousy. Contact MAXX for your very own MAXXbear (if you didn’t receive yours) as well as creative marketing solutions designed to grow your business and make you stand out from the crowd.

Keep in touch over Facebook and Twitter! Do you still have your MAXX bear? We would love to receive pictures - so why not tweet us your pictures? @MaxxDesign - Thanks!  


After years of moaning about how my parents never gave me a teddy bear, my wife bought me MAXX. He’s been with me for 35 years now and I even named the company after him!