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MAXX meets Bruce

Last week, we attended a breakfast event where we got to hear Twitter EMEA VP and author Bruce Daisley’s thoughts on modern working environments. Put on by ConnectTalks in a beautiful rooftop communal space, the talk was an intimate gathering of industry professionals from various sectors.

Complete with stunning sunrise views of Reading and a great breakfast buffet, the event gave us the chance to hear Bruce’s thoughts on modern work culture, common misconceptions and things he has learnt during his career. Some of the interesting points that resonated with us were the statistics surrounding loneliness at work, which are surprisingly high with over 30% of UK workers saying they feel lonely at work.

Listening to questions and stories from other attendees, we were struck by how much MAXX stood out. Our working environment is very important to us, and we all have an input into the various aspects of our space. This was highlighted further when Bruce told the story of a company he visited where a receptionist had started a ‘crisp Thursday’ gathering every week. Instantly we thought of our weekly ‘cake Thursday’, which sees everyone take it in turns to bake or buy some type of baked goods for the office to enjoy. It allows us to take half an hour away from our desks, have a chat and eat some cake.

Initiatives like this are really important to keep a team motivated and happy at work. As well as these, Bruce discussed a lot of the research he had carried out when writing his new book, The Joy of Work. The book contains many references to scientific studies, as well as misconceptions and myths around modern working environments.

Is there anything you do in your office to keep employee morale high and create a great work culture? We’d love to hear about it! Email us on [email protected]