A MAXX Christmas: Behind the Video

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Jess Staines
Digital Communications Executive
Our fabulous Digital Communications Executive Jess is full of hidden talents and skills. From revitalising our marketing materials to analysing our client’s websites, she certainly has hit the ground running.

A MAXX Christmas: Behind the Video

There is no doubt that this year has been really hard for everyone. For us at MAXX, our team has been home-based for most of the year, only being able to meet in small groups when government guidelines allowed it. Not being able to get together and have a laugh as a large team has been difficult for us all, as we really are such a close-knit group. 

As ‘Head of Fun’ and a member of the MAXX marketing team, I was determined to create an entertaining piece of content that got as many people involved as possible. TikTok videos and Instagram Reels have been extremely popular this year and are a great way to produce engaging content on a relatively small scale. With many of the team wanting to get involved, we had a plan and the Christmas jumpers were being dusted off in preparation. 

We were able to film the video safely by giving everyone a half an hour slot to come in and shoot their clips, meaning there was only me and one other person in the office at a time. Our spacious office allowed us to maintain social distancing while we captured these video clips. 

Creating this video was a really fun process and we are really pleased with the outcome. This year we wanted to showcase some of our team, spread a little happiness and make you smile when you watch our video. We hope that we have been able to achieve that.

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