Ladies and Gentlemen...The MAXXY Awards

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Ladies and Gentlemen...The MAXXY Awards

  In the last few weeks we’ve seen The Oscars, Brits, Grammy’s and other lavish award ceremonies showcasing a variety of talents and skills. However one set of awards are yet to be given, five winners are yet to tearfully accept their awards and give emotional speeches… until now. It is now this writer’s honour to host MAXX’S very own awards – THE MAXXY’S! THE MAXXY’S aim to celebrate the achievements and happiness in the MAXX world at the moment, so let’s announce the winners:

The Teddy Bear Care AwardLet him eat cake!

The first award of the evening goes to our good friends at NSI for the way they have embraced and taken such great care of MAXX Bear. MAXX Bear, Dermot’s (managing director) prized possession and the inspiration for our name, was sent to them a fortnight ago. They have fed him, introduced him to the team and even got him working with a notepad and pen! They’ve uploaded photos of his activities and kept us up to date with tweets. Using Twitter this way highlights how social media can be used to keep business relationships fresh and exciting, with this in mind, and their great care of MAXX Bear we are happy to award NSI this MAXXY.

The Making Everyone Smile Award

Screen shot 2013-03-01 at 09.50.20This award is given to our very own Matt Barrett and his lovely partner Sarah in celebration of their recent engagement. The entire office was thrilled and full of “oooooo” and “aww” noises when we were told the story of his incredibly romantic proposal at a spot that means a lot to the couple. Matt is our creative director and his creativity and caring nature were both displayed when he drew a ring on Sarah’s finger in silver ink so they could design the real thing together. Matt therefore deserves this award for the overall feel good factor he produced in the office this month.

The Outstanding Achievement in Box Building Award

This special award goes to the whole MAXX team: led by Pete Watt. Its presented for the hard work that was undertaken when organising a campaign for a client which involved the assembly of 500 boxes, all containing client information and gifts. From the superb design work to the construction of the boxes on a Saturday (yes, a Saturday!) everyone pulled together to make this campaign work. The award is also given to the friends and family that helped on that Saturday. MAXX love to work hard for clients and are always willing to go that extra mile, having friends and family that feel that way too as well is a joy. BCqyOd3CcAEe4x6.jpg-large

The Newest Newcomer Award

As a company MAXX is always striving to expand and grow. Our latest addition to the team is our new communications manager Chris Billingham who has found time to collect this award as well as work in Social Media, SEO, Business Development and Copywriting. Chris would like to give this acceptance speech: Photo on 2013-02-27 at 11.59 “I’d like to thank everyone at MAXX for being so supportive and making these first few weeks exciting, challenging and fun. I’ve been made to feel welcome from the start and it’s been a genuine pleasure. A particular highlight has been the biscuits in the meeting room, they’re of an amazing quality.” Newest Newcomer Chris Billingham there. Big fan of biscuits.

The Special Award for Pride

At some point in most award ceremonies the words “it is a honour to present this award to…” are used. In the case of this next award we use them because it is an honour to present this award to Breakthrough Breast Cancer: they are the recipients because of how proud we are to have worked with them on the ‘send a snowflake campaign.’ The campaign is nominated Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 14.21.07 in the Social Media category at the CIM Awards, which reflects the passion, and commitment that was put into the project by Matt Barrett, Nikki Hampson, Jackie Blake, the rest of the MAXX team, Sarah Stokes, Chris Joseph and all at Breakthrough Breast Cancer. So there we have it, the awards have been presented, tears have been shed and overall MAXX are in the mood to celebrate our achievements, our clients and our staff. Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 14.21.58     Please feel free to contact us to discuss our campaign work, or subscribe to Facebook, Twitter and our Blog for more articles and comments.