Introducing Holly Snowdon

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Introducing Holly Snowdon

Hello, I’m Holly, the new girl! Once upon a time the thought of being the new girl was an incredibly daunting prospect. However, as soon as I entered the warm, creative atmosphere of the MAXX office (complete with charming old beams and multiple bowls of brightly coloured sweets), all the usual ‘new girl’ worries seem to ebb away.  Having been greeted by each employee with a warm smile and a few friendly words, I was instantly made to feel at home at MAXX and I hope to soon become a valuable member of the team!

So, a little about me. Having graduated from the university of Southampton, where I studied Fashion Marketing and Management,  I soon realised that the fashion world was absolutely not for me  (if you’ve ever watched Devil wears Prada, you’ll understand why!). However, due to the creative nature of the course combined with the traditional business/marketing skills that I gained, I felt that I had sufficient knowledge and skills which could be applied to a marketing, communications role for many different companies, regardless of the industry.

During the long summer holidays at university I used the time wisely to seek out internships and was lucky enough to experience working both client side (White Stuff HQ) and agency side. These experiences helped me to realise that I prefer the agency side. I like the fast pace nature of an agency office, the exciting mix of different clients in addition to having more of an opportunity to develop a range of different skills.

Introducing the latest addition to the MAXX Design Team, Holly Snowdon, who has joined the marketing communications department

On a personal level, I have been lucky enough to have visited the most incredible places all over the globe including, New Zealand, India, the Cook Islands, Australia, Central America, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore etc… Nothing makes me happier than packing my tatty (yet reliable) old backpack, exploring new places, meeting incredible new people and experiencing different cultures; these experiences have definitely moulded me into the person I am today!

Other hobbies of mine include: walking my crazy cocker spaniel in the country side, painting, worshipping the sun, breaking a sweat in the gym and baking - something which I’ve only discovered recently and absolutely adore. I now understand why the nation is so obsessed with the Great British bake off!

I am so excited to embark upon a new journey at MAXX, especially as I seem to have arrived at a particularly exciting time. With new branding, new members of staff and a new office location there’s certainly a lot going on here to look forward to and hopefully to be involved with.

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