Introducing Conor Bant - Digital Communications Manager

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Introducing Conor Bant - Digital Communications Manager

I’m Conor, the new Digital Communications Manager at MAXX. Despite this being a bit of an ‘introductory’ blog, I don’t, and never really have felt like the ‘new guy’. And that’s not just because Sam, our new Junior Web Developer, started a mere 24 hours after me!

The way we work at MAXX stops anyone from feeling like a newbie; and it’s not just because of the friendly atmosphere. I’ve found the atmosphere quite empowering and it has got my creative thoughts flowing. It’s great having people from all across the business, be it marketing, design or the web team asking for my opinions on how to make campaigns work. At MAXX you feel part of it and an important member of the team from the start, so there isn’t really an opportunity to feel new.

At MAXX we build beautiful and highly functional websites, combining our creative design studio and the wiz-kids in the web team. And my role is to say: what’s next? Having worked in Digital Marketing since graduating from University, I’ve already seen how fast things change, so I’m always looking for new ways to help our clients get more from their websites and wider digital properties. It could be increasing website conversions, creating social strategies or optimising websites; it’s a pretty broad spectrum but that’s why these first few weeks at MAXX have been so interesting. Oh, and I love writing a good blog, so keep a look out for me on

Outside of the office, a lot of my time is being spent planning what’s looking like the biggest wedding of Summer 2017: mine! We’re doing pretty well so far, with the all-important Church and Venue already sorted, and stag-do preparations in full swing.

I’m pretty big on my Rugby, realising I’ve just played my fifteenth season. Thankfully the end of season and starting at MAXX have crossed over, so hopefully come September when I hobble in with black eyes everyone will know me well enough to not be too concerned!

When I’m not at Wedding Fairs or Rugby clubs, lots of time is spent fussing over Rocko, who is perhaps the most pampered and loved cat in South Oxfordshire. Following a few hairy moments stuck up 30-foot high trees and down 6-foot holes, he’s very much a lap cat and follows us everywhere!

conor bant digital marketing team leader at maxx design and his cat rocko

As anyone else at MAXX will tell you, I’ve joined at an exciting time with a lot going on. There’s always more new developments, and I’m just thrilled to be playing a part in it!