Introducing…. Jess!

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Jess Staines
Digital Communications Executive
Our fabulous Digital Communications Executive Jess is full of hidden talents and skills. From revitalising our marketing materials to analysing our client’s websites, she certainly has hit the ground running.

Introducing…. Jess!

Hello, I’m Jess, and I am very excited to have joined the MAXX team as an intern.

I could not wait to get stuck into this role, having not worked full time since graduating from Falmouth University last July. On my first day the sun was shining, which set the tone for a great first day. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming that it made the daunting prospect of starting a new job disappear.

I come from a fashion background, having studied fashion marketing at university and worked part time for a fashion retailer for over four years. During my time in Falmouth I developed a solid understanding of many areas of marketing, as well as a love of sea swimming and anything that involved the beach. My degree was so broad and covered everything from designing window displays to strategic marketing.

Moving back to Newbury gave me so many options in terms of where to go next. I had built up connections locally and started to broaden my scope and freelance work, offering my experience to small businesses. It was this work that made me look more into agency work and all the opportunities that would be available to me working in that kind of environment. The more I read about MAXX, the more I wanted to work there.

In my spare time I like to travel. My most recent adventure was two months volunteering in an orphanage in Nepal. This trip was amazing and so eye opening. Sleeping in a mouse infested tin shed and eating rice and lentils for eight weeks really makes you appreciate home, trust me! However, I do miss my eight new brothers who I sadly had to leave behind. Other than travelling, I love a good box set or superhero movie and can’t resist a bit of rap music, or even better a rap gig.

That is pretty much everything interesting about me. I am so very excited to be a part of this team for however long I can stay around for. You won’t be able to get rid of me that easily guys!


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