5 minutes with…Dermot

best small companiesHow would you describe yourself in five words?
Funny, happy, loyal, loving and iPhone/iPad

What makes the perfect client?
One who appreciates just how hard we work to make a difference to their business.

Who do you think has a good brand identity/website?
The best brands I’ve seen are:
John Lewis
Jelly Belly

The best websites I’ve seen are:
You Tube
National Lottery

Where will MAXX Design be in five years?
We’ll be working for several larger clients because of our great reputation. We’ll be converting over 50% of our opportunities every time. And we’ll be the winner of the Sunday Times Best Small company to work for!

2 Responses to “5 minutes with…Dermot”
  1. Cathy says:

    Hey Dermot we already win 75% of our proposals!

  2. A couple of people emailed me asking why I thought my list of website were “the best websites I’ve seen”. So I thought I’d expand a bit more…

    Amazon: I love its easy navigate to help you find the products you want. And the clever way it tracks your searches and then makes recommendations by email a few days/weeks later.

    eBay: Simply the best! Irresistible and a first port of call for any browsing activity and for price comparisons.

    You Tube: I love music videos, especially Lady Gaga and her high-res version of ‘Telephone’ is brilliant. Also, you don’t usually get bombarded by things you don’t want to see when searching.

    Facebook: I am permanently logged in, on my desktop, laptop, iPad and iPhone. I love the way you can keep in touch with friends in a ‘joined up’ way.

    BBC: It’s easy to catch up with news, weather and sport – although I prefer the ‘full fat’ version on the web, rather than the mobile app.

    Pistonheads: I can only dream! I get daily emails and always click onto their website to look at the amazing cars for sale.

    Autotrader: Again, still dreaming of that de Tomaso Pantera GTS.

    National Lottery: That money is mine, mine do you hear…its just that I have not won it yet except the £2.50 this morning!

    MAXX Design: Modest or what!

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