The BIG mobile CHANGE



The online world is changing. Rapidly.


Over the past 30 years, computers have changed from huge pieces of coded machinery, to brick-like Windows ’95’machines, to the streamlined laptops and PC’s of today – which are now rapidly being replaced by the likes of the Tablet and SmartPhone. They are now a vital accessory of everyday life – not only for our sanity but also for the success of business, event organisation, and as a main source of news! This topic was first presented by Guy Whitcroft of Marmalade at a recent Business Forum Meeting ( and has prompted much thought at MAXX about how the Internet has changed our modern world.

mobile change

As you can see, dear old MAXX now only has to browse his computer for all his viewing, listening and social activities! And because being online is vital for most activities, developers have done everything within their power to make your experience as portable as possible. Laptops turned to Netbooks, Netbooks to tablets, and tablets are gradually merging with the unstoppable force: The smartphone.


This is ultimately where the future lies for social media, websites and the world of internet. The amount of people using mobile internet is going to rise in the next five years to just under ten billion users (some with multiple devices) – and so it’s important for you to GET MOBILE. Get QR coding on all your print work and products, and make yourself ridiculously easy to find. People won’t search too hard for you when there are thousands of alternatives at their fingertips: so the secret to mobile marketing is to get found quickly.


Did you know that there are around six billion mobile network subscriptions out there at the moment? With people using multiple mobile units to use the net at their disposal, the numbers are growing rapidly. Already this is an astonishing number, due to the fact that the seven billion people that reside on this planet don’t all have mobile phones! And guess what?


In the next few years it’s set to reach around 10 billion units. This phenomenal number can only suggest that internet usage is going one way: MOBILE. Already Youtube gets 400 million hits per day: purely via mobile, and 50% of people using Twitter are tweeting by mobile. Facebook now has 425 million mobile active users – more than half of its total 800 million+ monthly active users! More and more people are going to be converting from PCs and laptops, to iPads and smartphones. You need to be compatible!


A big thanks to Marmalade for inspiring this article with the vast amount of research and knowledge included in the original presentation. Marmalade is at the forefront of cross-platform application technology for developers and has worked with companies such as Electronic Arts and ARM, alongside Blackberry, Samsung and more. Check out their website here!


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Ellie Selby

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