We’re pressing the reset button! What changes will you keep when we move back towards normality?

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We’re pressing the reset button! What changes will you keep when we move back towards normality?

Our last online advice and collaboration meeting with our network prompted many ideas about what good can come out of our current lockdown situation. 

We asked those attending to talk about some of the things that they would be keeping post lockdown. We’ve captured a few comments and ideas here - have you got any ideas to add to this?

  • It's amazing what we can achieve when we pull together - even with a reduced budget, by collaborating with others, so much more can be achieved than by working alone, even when in isolation! Our communities - both at work and at home have developed a strong sense of belonging, of sharing and of supporting - let’s keep that!

  • I’ve been impressed by the level of innovation that some organisations have managed to achieve in the face of adversity - adapting business models, rethinking a supply chain, streaming or video etc.  Now we all know we can think differently, we need to make sure we keep doing it as we move forward.

  • Those that survive this are likely to be the ones that have found how to communicate effectively - with their customers, their staff and their partners and wider network - we need to keep this going post-Covid.

  • Empathy and humanity has been in abundance - someone once said: “In a world where you can be anything - be kind!” - our current situation has brought out the best in people and it is important that we keep this empathy for others.

  • Many of our colleagues have had to balance childcare or looking after family members within their working day - we have all had to be more tolerant of this and have learnt to respect the fact that different people have different work rhythms - hopefully, we can retain that respect in the future.  This point also explores what “diversity” now means in the workplace and will impact upon how the media tackles how it communicates with this different segmentation.

  • We’ve all started to care less about our appearance - if we look half decent from the waist up, we’re fine! It’s suddenly far more important what you say and do than how you look.

  • We’ve all got a sense of humour - we Brits have always had a bit of a reputation for being able to laugh at ourselves and “look on the bright side of life”!  This situation has brought forth online humour that we just have to share with each other!

  • Job flexibility - it will be really hard for any employer to refuse to allow people to work at home if they wish. Does this mean that there is going to be real flexibility around working conditions now?

  • Do we need to pay high levels of rent or mortgage for an office?  Some are already considering whether they can downsize and save some cash.  We’ve all fallen into having office space and home space but we’ve proven that for some businesses having both may be a luxury moving forward

  • We’ve lost geographical boundaries - we can work wherever we like, with whomever we like!

And one positive idea that wasn’t voiced in the seminar but I recently heard “ if we can mobilise the planet to deal with Covid-19, maybe we can do it with our ecology?”

Of all these ideas, there were definitely some worthy of further discussion and one that is particularly relevant to our network is all of the discussion around marketing in this climate.

This week we are holding an evening seminar on Thursday at 6pm to explore these issues. Grab a well-earned drink and join us at 6pm on 16th April - or for the same topic, next Wednesday 22nd April at 10am.

If you have ideas for other discussion topics, please let me know.

Hope this was helpful - get in touch if you’d like to join one of our events.