Webinars in words – Marketing Tips Part 1 - Branding actions

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Webinars in words – Marketing Tips Part 1 - Branding actions

Let’s be honest, lockdown wasn’t great for haircuts or for socialising, but recent stats show that there were some real positives when it came to marketing for many businesses. In a recent report by Alchemis 63% of people said that lockdown had allowed them more time to think strategically, but what actions can you take now to effectively market your business?

As Head of Business Development at MAXX, I recently hosted a webinar for our clients and partners with our Head of Marketing, Chris and Founder, Dermot, to discuss “10 suggestions for rebooting your marketing”. 

We’ll be sharing these discussions and ideas in a short series of blogs and in part one, we look at some simple but impactful branding actions. 

Consider brand guidelines

Brand guidelines don’t have to be scary and believe it or not, this is an action that could save you money in the long term. It also ensures continuity and consistency with your brand.

A brand is much more than just a logo - it goes as far as how your prospects feel about your company and service - your brand is everything that your company says and does - from the first time a prospect encounters you to the service they receive even after they cease being your customer. But when it comes to how your business is portrayed visually, you may think you know what your brand looks like, until you work with an agency or freelancer who asks for a solid brief to work with. If you haven’t got any formal guidelines to share, the project is most likely going to be more time consuming and more expensive. 

You need to ensure consistency across colouring, fonts, imagery and importantly messaging, including tone of voice. There’s nothing worse than having a range of materials all using slightly different shades of red, but it’s ok because it’s ‘still red’. No, it’s not ok, and whether people question it or not, they could still be subconsciously judging the quality of your business by the consistency of your brand. 

A simple document outlining your brand assets and usage, messaging and ethos will enable anyone you work with to quickly understand you and how they should be representing your brand. This document will save you valuable time and money when onboarding agencies, freelancers, and staff. Especially now, when that process is virtual, a reference document, and ‘single place of truth’ is so important.

What do you leave with someone after a meeting?

Who hasn’t been to a client meeting and been asked “Can you leave something with me?”. 

It’s also believed that leaving something behind after a meeting or sending a follow up email with further information majorly increases your chances of continuing a conversation with that potential customer. 

Whatever you choose to leave or send has a lasting impact and needs to show the credibility and creativity of your business - “why are these guys different from the last three companies that came to pitch?”. 

Perhaps you have a PDF to email over or you might prefer to have something printed you can hand to them, either way, it needs to be well thought through and professionally produced with key and relevant information (The three ‘Cs’ - case studies, credibility, and contacts always go down well). 

You don't want to have to review what you are leaving with people every few weeks, particularly if it’s printed, so consider the longevity of the leave behind. Does it answer your commonly asked questions? Does it communicate your best work and does it have your contact details and a clear suggested action that the person can take to get back in touch?

Review all of your printed materials and stationery

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve sat in a room with a potential customer and the first thing they’ve noticed is my well-produced, MAXX-branded notebook. In fact, we often get asked to quote to produce them and so as a marketing agency, we’re already winning work before the meeting has begun. 

The point here is that it really is the little things that count. Be honest, when’s the last time you updated your letterheaded paper? (and yes, letters are still a thing and if you’re not sending personalised letters to customers you’re missing a big trick - cut through that email noise and show you care!).

Also, redesigning your stationery and sending out a pack to your remote team members might just be the inspiration they need to know that even through this horrific year, your business is still evolving and still cares. 

In part two of the blog, next week, as we are all likely to be struggling to win new business in this tough new environment, we will look at suggestions for getting more business from your existing clients.

If the suggestions and actions above resonate with you and you would like to discuss how we could help you implement some of these ideas, drop me an email at [email protected] or book a call using my personal diary here.