Is there a future for email marketing?

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Is there a future for email marketing?

With GDPR coming into force on May 25th you may be thinking that this will be the end of email marketing as we know it. But we believe this will be a massive opportunity for higher open rates, click through rates and even overall conversion rates.

As a result of GDPR a number of companies have refined their processes to ensure that they collect opt-in before sending any email communications. This means that moving forward businesses will be sending email marketing campaigns to people that have a genuine interest in the company.

This gives you so many more opportunities to tailor content to specific sectors or specific people (depending on what your overall campaign aim is). This is because email lists on the whole are likely to be a lot smaller than they previously were. But how many of those people who haven’t opted in to hear from you have actually opened an email you’ve sent? With this in mind we believe that conversion rates and click through rates (CTR’s) will actually increase.

How to make an email campaign effective:

  • Making sure it works on mobile!

This is vital. How many emails do you read on your mobile? Statistics show that desktop only represents 17% of all email opens, with webmail at 36% and mobile leading the way with 47%. This shows that if your email doesn’t work on a mobile it risks being deleted.

  • Test your emails

Before sending out an email campaign it is best to thoroughly test it. Making sure all the links work, everything goes where it’s meant to and all the copy is correct. Another thing to test for is to make sure your email works across all email clients.

  • Personalisation

Dynamic content is still proven to be more effective in terms of how many people engage with your content. If it is made to feel like the user is being thought about they are more likely to keep on reading. For example, Amazon does this very well, if you’ve searched for a product or even purchased a product Amazon sends you an email to give you more options related to your search or will show you products that can go with what you’ve already purchased.

  • Be GDPR compliant

On every email you send out through an automated system you need to add a clear unsubscribe button to ensure that a user can unsubscribe at any time with ease.

If you would like to speak to us about how to make your email marketing more effective or how to send an email requesting opt-in get in contact with us today on 01635 521224 or [email protected].