The MAXX team’s favourite Christmas adverts of all time

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The MAXX team’s favourite Christmas adverts of all time

When someone asks ‘what is your favourite Christmas advert?’ there is always one that instantly pops into your head. It could be because it makes you laugh, makes you cry or because it makes you feel particularly festive. I asked the MAXX team what some of their favourite Christmas adverts were, with some popular choices emerging from the results. Here are the most popular choices, with a few special mentions thrown in.

Most Popular Picks

Christmas Lottery 2015

This advert was not even aired in the UK, yet still stood out to the MAXX team as one of the most memorable Christmas adverts of all time. The animation tells the story of Justino, a Spanish security guard who works the night shift at a mannequin factory. He entertains his daytime colleagues by creating Christmas displays made entirely of mannequins. Justino’s friendship with the dolls is the only interaction he has at work, which definitely tugs at the heartstrings. His daytime colleagues enter the famed Christmas Lottery and win. For a moment you think he’s been left out again, but that’s not the case. His kindness is repaid literally and the reaction when he is surprised could make anyone shed a tear. The short film was a viral sensation when it aired in 2015, and it’s clear to see why so many people still love the story of Justino.

John Lewis 2011, The Long Wait

This advert was voted as an all time favourite by quite a few of the MAXX team. It is now seven years old, but remains one of the most memorable John Lewis adverts. The modern cover track and the heart-warming storyline is a recipe that they continued with, and for the most part, has worked for them really well. When you watch the advert for the first time, you think you know how the story will go. The little boy is so excited to open his presents and see what Santa has bought him. But you would be wrong. He cannot wait to give his parents their Christmas gift. We don’t see what the gift is, and that doesn’t matter. What we do see is his happy face first thing on Christmas morning.

Sainsbury’s 2014, Christmas is for Sharing

This advert is one of my personal favourites, as well as several of the MAXX team. It’s not necessarily the most ‘Christmassy’ advert ever, but it does highlight the meaning of Christmas and that despite what’s going on in the world, people can be kind. This advert was created to mark 100 years since the start of the First World War, and 100 years since British and German soldiers stopped fighting and came together to celebrate Christmas day, even if it was only for a short time. Even when I watch it now, it still brings a tear to my eye. It is so important to remember our history, and with a story like this, you can’t quite believe it really happened until you see it. This is definitely one that will be remembered for many years to come.

Honourable Mentions

John Lewis 2013, The Bear and The Hare

This advert marked the peak of the John Lewis Christmas phenomenon. The big budget was evident from the computer animation and hand drawing combination, as well as chart topping Lily Allen covering Keane for the song that accompanied the story. This storyline showed the importance of friendship, which a lot of Christmas ads tend to focus on. It has a nostalgic feel with the drawings, like a storybook has come to life.

Coca Cola, Holidays are coming

Christmas adverts just wouldn’t be the same without the presence of Coca Cola and its giant red truck. It all started in 1995 with the illuminated lorries, created by the same company behind the visual effects for the Star Wars films. The advert and surrounding campaigns have evolved and changed slightly over the years, but have kept Santa driving the trucks and ending with a Christmas ‘cheers’, and of course that classic ‘holidays are coming’ jingle.

Yellow Pages 1992, Mistletoe

This is a classic Christmas advert that shows a humorous side the Yellow Pages. Before Google and smart phones, every home had a Yellow Pages and this advert showed it had multiple uses at Christmas. It’s sweet and funny and still stands out twenty-six years after it was released.

Creating memorable Christmas adverts is not an exact science and there is no recipe for success. From the list above you can see it’s not all about amazing special effects and huge budgets. Among the favourites of the MAXX team are heart-warming stories of family and friendship. There are some adverts that become classics, because of the music, the characters, the story or simply because of the emotion that it provokes in the audience.

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