How marketing can enhance your fundraising efforts

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How marketing can enhance your fundraising efforts

Have you got a fantastic fundraising idea but are struggling to pick up donors?  

As successfully communicating your good intentions to as many people as possible is crucial when it comes to encouraging donations, the first port of call is to execute a variety of marketing activities.

Take a look at the examples of marketing methods below which are almost guaranteed to help boost awareness and enhance your fundraising efforts:

Social Media

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that when it comes to marketing in this day and age, social media is a non-negotiable. The various social media platforms offer charities and individual fundraisers a convenient and highly effective method of communication with potential donors. When utilised strategically, they are an essential part of both building relationships and generating excitement around a fundraising event.

Due to the visual nature of the various social media platforms, sharing photos is an essential way to keep viewers engaged. Powerful images and, better still, videos, can help to bring the fundraiser’s story to life and will encourage people to respond in a way in which text alone cannot.

In recent years, MAXX worked with leading breast cancer charity Breast Cancer Now to develop a creative yet highly strategic integrated marketing campaign. By utilising Facebook to promote the desired message, the ‘Snowflake’ campaign, which was created to help boost awareness, helped the charity to exceed fundraising targets by 400%!

Email marketing

In spite of the boom in social media marketing in recent years, email marketing is still one of the most simple and effective ways to reach out to supporters. These campaigns are generally very low cost and useful for prompting instant responses, especially when eye-catching visuals and emotive language are incorporated!

Email marketing campaigns are a simple and effective way to reach a vast number of people in a short amount of time as they can be easily forwarded on to colleagues , peers or anyone else they think might be interested in getting involved with the fundraising activity. This was evidenced in a recent study undertaken by Upleaf , which highlighted that some non profit making organisations gathered as much as 28-41% of their online donations from email marketing.

Obviously it is crucial that the fundraiser takes the new GDPR regulations into consideration before utilising this method of communication. As long as the sender complies with the new regulations there’s no reason why email marketing can’t still be an integral part of your promotion strategy.

Print marketing/direct mail

But don’t be confined to digital marketing activities. There are a number of traditional, offline methods that can be just as effective when it comes to reaching out to donors. By exploring traditional methods, there’s a much greater chance that you’ll reach a broader audience, thus helping to increase the amount of money raised for your chosen charity.

We’ve experienced phenomenal success using direct mail, for example, for many of our clients, including a number within the charity sector!  Physical direct mail pieces effectively grab the potential donor’s attention and arguably make them more open and willing to hear your message and donate than a digital method. This was evidenced in a recent study undertaken by MobileCause revealing that 35% of donors are more likely to donate having received a direct mail than online. Direct mail pieces are also a great way to promote and link back to your online marketing activities, as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

Eye catching printed marketing materials such as flyers and posters can also be highly effective when it comes to reaching your desired audience and encouraging donation.


Sometimes you can’t beat a bit of old-fashioned PR, or modern PR for that matter, when it comes to spreading the word! Ensuring your fundraising event receives a bit of press coverage be it on the radio, newspapers or even on TV (if you’ve got the budget for it!), can be a great way to spread the word and draw in new donors. Your PR activity should reinforce key messages as part of your integrated marketing strategy.

A punchy, well-written press release for example, is a fantastic way to get local newspapers, radio stations and even local TV stations interested in your story. The local media are always on the hunt for interesting stories, particularly when they shed a positive light on the community!

These are just a few examples of ways to draw in potential donors. If you’re looking to attract donors and broaden the reach of your fundraising campaign the team at MAXX have had a wealth of experience in marketing for the charity sector, and would love to help! Get in touch today on 01635 521224 or email us at [email protected]