How to bring a vision to life

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How to bring a vision to life

There are few things more exciting than when you get to entirely rebrand an organisation. Or in the case of our work with Access Social Care (ASC), create a whole identity for a brand new organisation.

ASC is a charity that provides free legal advice to people with social care needs. The founding members came to us with the vision that all people with social care needs get the care and support they have a right to, so that they can live fulfilled lives in the community. 

Our challenge was how to bring that vision to life.


The process began with a lively workshop, delving deep into the vision and methodology of the organisation. Exploring ASC’s two core audiences: the legal network and those with social care needs, and how they wanted to speak to those audiences; what language, tone, visual representation would hold appeal and resonance for each.

When creating a brand, you are creating an identity, something to stand behind and say ‘this is who we are and this is what we are going to do’.

“We worked closely with the MAXX team to refine the charity name, ensuring it was unambiguous and succinct.” Kari Gerstheimer - CEO and Founder, Access Social Care

Developing a logo

At the heart of the visual identity is the ASC logo. The logo consists of a simple yet effective orange speech bubble. The primary colour palette uses a bold orange colour symbolising energy and change and represents the drive of the charity.

Throughout the process of developing the brand, we kept returning to the core message of what the charity wants people to do. Ultimately that is to ‘just ask ASC for help’. Consequently the secondary logo ‘just asc’ was born. Also using the speech bubble graphic device, this offers the ultimate flexibility of use both online and on printed collateral.

To hear CEO and founder, Kari Gerstheimer talk about the experience of bringing the charity’s vision to life, please watch the following testimonial video MAXX created.

And if you are contemplating a brand refresh for the new year - or creating something “brand new”, in the new year, why not get in touch with us to tell us your vision! [email protected]