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Harnessing nostalgia in marketing and design

Nostalgia, as I’m sure you know, is an affectionate feeling or sentimental yearning for a time or place in the past, especially for a particularly happy time. Whether it was those summers spent building sandcastles with your siblings on the beach or the smell of a particularly tasty cake your grandma used to bake, remembering these types of fond memories will always conjure up a sentimental feeling of nostalgia.

When it comes to marketing and design, nostalgia can help your brand or business to emotionally connect with your audience. Look at the release of Pokémon Go last year, an extraordinary example of nostalgic marketing, helping millennials globally to reconnect with their inner child.

Encouraging people to think back to a positive memory or time will help to increase your appeal to your audience. It is this sense of belonging and self worth, which can be harnessed by designers and marketers alike, ultimately providing people with a boost of positivity and a general sense of ‘feel good’.

In recent years, increasing numbers of brands and companies have caught onto this nostalgia-marketing trend, by reverting back to their earlier branding style and logo designs with the goal to recapture consumers’ memories  - which will ideally result in an increase in the number of sales!

Some examples of brands exploiting nostalgic marketing include Kodak (below), who has stylised its 1970’s logo design for a vintage make over and Expedia who recently launched a #throwbackthursday campaign, using nostalgic holiday photographs.

Whilst, in the fast paced worlds of technology and graphic design, we are relentlessly aspiring to create something unique and new, often revisiting the past can deliver a sense of connectivity, authenticity and honesty for a brand. This can be a much more powerful and effective way to appeal to the emotions of the target audience.

What’s stopping you?

Whilst a lot of the large, iconic brands have tapped into this trend, there is no reason why smaller businesses can’t join in too! Why not upload some photos of when your business first opened? Or perhaps write a blog article about your company history. As long as you’re conveying a unique and positive experience, which is likely to connect with the audience on an emotional level (and telling a story which is relevant to the needs of audiences both old and new), you’re onto a winner!

Take a look at the blog article we wrote about the birth of the MAXX brand.

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