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Drowning in data: Technology for Marketing 2017

By Jackie Blaker

I managed to escape the office at the end of September to visit the Technology for Marketing exhibition at Kensington Olympia, with the sole aim of immersing myself in what’s new and what’s hot and I can confidently say the answer is DATA.

Collect it, process it, integrate it, just make sure you have it and you do something with it!

The exhibition/conference was stuffed full of exhibitors and speakers happily willing to tell you how their technology was the best mechanism for dealing with it.

The quality of speakers and the range of speaker topics were excellent, but there were a few highlights for me:

Facebook talked passionately about the Facebook Pixel and how this small piece of code could allow you to collect huge amounts of data that can be used to target Facebook ads or remarket; a powerful tool considering 29 million people access Facebook every day. If used wisely, the Facebook pixel can allow us to measure, optimise and build audiences. We can now submit a product catalogue to Facebook giving us the scope to match a product viewed on a website with a tailored ad delivered on Facebook.

My second favourite sound bite was focused on how to use the data to make sure you are delivering your message at the right time – when your target audience is engaged, in the right place – on the device they are using, and in the right way – be specific and make it personal.

Surprisingly GDPR was hardly mentioned in the talks I attended, but you can’t really ignore its influence on how you collect, use and store this mass of data. So my final thought was, if we are all going to use this powerful source of information, we had all better make sure we know where it has come from and that we have clear permission to use it.

We have some clever ways of using data with our clients – including digital dashboard that we are using extensively to help our clients to cut unnecessary digital expenditure and increase engagement and conversion. If you would like to know more, please contact Conor, our Digital Communications Manager on [email protected]

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