Direct mail and social media marketing - a match made in heaven!

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Direct mail and social media marketing - a match made in heaven!

Unless you live under a rock, you’ll know that social media has become an integral part of most people’s lives. In fact, according to a recent global digital report, the number of social media users worldwide this year has reached a whopping 3.196 billion (which is up 13 percent from last year!).

For some time now, businesses across the globe have used this ever-growing social media usage to their advantage, developing campaigns and reaching out to clients or customers, in a cheap, quick and easy to deliver format. But is this enough?

As single-channel campaigns are rarely the most effective, if you’re looking to maximise the impact and effectiveness of your social media activity, why not pair it with direct mail? They say opposites attract right?!

In terms of the effectiveness of social media, reports from large corporations such as IBM highlight its massive ROI, after seeing a 4x year on year sales increase after training its sales people to use social media.

This was also evidenced by our client Quicklight, who reported an increase in sales turn over of 76% in 3 years, following the launch on our creative ‘animal themed’ social media campaigns.

Meanwhile, according to Forbes, 66% of direct mail marketing is opened, demonstrating how effective this marketing method can be (when used strategically). People may not be opening their emails (due to sheer volume of junk mail we are bombarded with on a daily basis), but they are evidently much more receptive to direct mail.

What’s more, in terms of the response rate, according to research undertaken by the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail achieves a 4.4% response rate compared to 0.12% for email.

We (and many others!) have found that incorporating social media with traditional marketing forms such as direct mail is the best way to achieve the highest reach at maximum impact. But don’t take our word for it; research undertaken by Merkle indicates that pairing direct mail with digital can boost your response rates by a staggering 118%!

In recent years MAXX has had the opportunity to create a successful integrated campaign for not-for-profit housing association SOHA. The “Real People, True Stories’ campaign was nominated for a CIM award for Best Integrated Campaign SME and achieved fantastic results such as an 198% increase of reach on Twitter and 366% increase in average shares on Facebook.

We also created a campaign for leading cancer charity Breast Cancer Now. Alongside an eye-catching piece of print (a screening guide), we created and launched a Facebook Christmas snowflake campaign, which resulted in the charity exceeding their fundraising targets by a mammoth 400%!!

Essentially, pairing social media with direct mail, when strategically delivered can achieve fantastic results! We’re brimming with creative campaign ideas here at MAXX, so if you’re interested in launching a campaign, we would love to hear from you!