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Brands just want to have fun

What customers or potential customers want from brands isn’t always what you think, they may tell you they want the best service, best price, user involvement or reward programs; although all apply to some degree, there’s more to it than that.

Most of us don’t consciously admit that we are more likely to respond to fun or humorous marketing tactics, but inevitably we do. Subconsciously we are drawn to anything that sparks curiosity, helps us to escape the Monday blues by making us laugh or offers some type of reward for a user’s engagement.


A good example of this is when Ikea found out that Game of Thrones were using their rugs for the Night’s Watch characters costumes. They released a ‘How to create your very own’ with spoof instructions on their Norwegian Facebook page. As well as doing this, in the UK, PR agency Hope & Glory came up with the stunt to deck out staff from the Wembley branch in the rugs and photographed it for Facebook (see below). This photo was then shared 1,345 times and had 5.5K likes/reactions.


Innocent Drinks

Another brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously is ‘Innocent Drinks’. When you first land on their website, the homepage is full of Innocent’s informal and easy-going culture. The navigation menu includes headings such as ‘Things we make’, ‘Bored?’ and ‘Compliment generator’.

If you’re on the website it’s definitely worth checking out the blog, one of the recent blog posts is titled ‘A tale of two lizos’ which is all about people they have interacted with on Twitter. As well as joking around with their blogs, the guys at Innocent Drinks are also professional, when looking at the ‘Things we make’ they have their products accompanied by some very high quality photography.


Another great example of a brand that creates content that resonates with its users is Netflix. Netflix seems like a company that truly understands who its social audience are. So whether it is posting a famous quote from one of its many titles like the one below, or a gif that relates to how everyone is feeling about shows on the site. Netflix continues to create valuable content that generates a lot of social interactions and shares.

Here at MAXX we love injecting fun into brands, so whether you need to reinvent your brand or just get it out there for more people to see we are here to help! Get in touch today on 01635 521224 or on [email protected]

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