A double treat from Stripy and Punk Sock

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Today’s witty banter is from the dynamic duo Stripy and Punk sock.  Don’t forget to visit our advent calendar everyday to check out the latest jokes.


Meet Stripy sock…

Find out what happened when Stripy Sock met Punk Sock...


Punk Sock is back…..

Meet Punk Sock

It will knock your socks off!


Ellie Selby

Ellie Selby is the social media manager at MAXX Design and is in charge of all of our social media outlets. Ellie has also maintained a number of social media accounts for our clients, including Topcon, SANE and Black Dog Tribe. She combines her stylised writing with great business strategy and key information to create our blogs. Ellie not only can help you maintain your social strategy, but also can train you, tailor a strategy for you, or work together with you to create a successful and profitable social media presence. In her spare time, Ellie is a chronic cat lover, an Amateur Dramatic Thespian/Over-actor, and occasionally puts pen to paper to do the odd illustration.

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