Hi! I'm Samantha, MAXX’s new Digital Communications Executive. I have a degree in Creative Art Practice and a well nurtured background in high end customer service for the luxury interior design industry. Having worked in small businesses for most of my career I know the importance of a strong brand identity and smart marketing so when an opportunity to join MAXX and further develop my knowledge became available I knew it was the position I wanted. Who doesn't want to be part of the best?

There are many things that set MAXX apart from other marketing agencies but here are my top 5 reasons I’m so excited to be joining the team:

  • MAXX is an award winning business winning “Brilliance in Customer Service!” among many others. Having worked for a high-end luxury lighting manufacturer for a number of years I know the difference going that extra mile for your clients can mean and it’s one of the most important things to me when it comes to job satisfaction. I want the people I’m working for and with to be happy with the work I do and that in turn is reflected on the business I’m working with.

  • The creativity! Studying art taught me to think outside the box and how to approach challenges from a different angle. You’d have to search pretty far and wide to find a bunch of more dynamic designers and thinkers, and we all know creativity breeds creativity. 

  • The opportunity to grow. MAXX is a company that has only ever been on the up and with that comes the chance to further develop my digital communications knowledge while contributing to MAXX’s ongoing success.

  • Location, location, location. Sat beside Newbury’s historic canal with boldly branded offices inspiring creativity and happiness from the moment you approach the building I can't think of a better environment to work in. Despite having lived a fun packed few years in Brighton and then Reading, Newbury is where I’m from and where I have laid down my roots so to have MAXX on my doorstep is simply brilliant. 

  • Cake Thursday! Big cake fan over here!! Need I say more? I also love tea and what goes better with cake than tea?

When not at work you will probably find me wading through ball pits at soft play or hunting Gruffalo’s on Snelsmore Common with my little boy Artie and my husband Greg. I love to try my hand at new crafts, a passion that has shown me that crochet is not just for grannies, and I adore a good bit of typography. If there's still any time left between work and mumlife I’ll most likely be baking a cake, watching an American boxset or reading a good book.
If you are already one of our fabulous clients I’m really looking forward to meeting and supporting you over the coming weeks. If you are not yet working with us but would like to learn more about MAXX and what we can do for you and your business, we’d love to speak with you. Don't hesitate to reach out via [email protected]