More room required? Twitter trials extended character limit

Have you ever felt the need to rant passionately about something or to voice an opinion on Twitter, only to run out of characters, failing miserably to make your point? Frustrating right? Twitter users have been forced to keep their tweets short and sweet since its launch in 2006, having to keep to a measly character limit of 140.

Because of this, users have resorted to posting a ‘tweet storm’ to make their point (think Donald Trump!), which is essentially a string of tweets posted in quick succession about a particular topic.

However, the company is now recognising the frustration caused by the character limit, and, for the first time, Twitter has announced that it is expanding beyond its current character limit and is now testing out a slightly more generous limit of 280 characters! This will be tested out in nearly all languages (excluding Japanese, Chinese and Korean), before it is rolled out to the general public.

What’s more, GIFS, images, polls, twitter handles and quoted tweets will also no longer count towards the character limit.

Bearing in mind that the character limit was originally established to reflect the length of an SMS message, increasing the length of a tweet is a small yet surprisingly drastic change for Twitter. And whilst many users see it as a positive change, there has already been a backlash from a number of users. Across the pond, the New York Times television critic James Poniewozik, for example, tweeted; "The 280-character limit is a terrible idea," which was then retweeted 12,000 times and liked 30,000 times in a matter of hours.

So will this upset the fundamental nature of the platform? Only time will tell!

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