Making a Difference to Lives in West Berkshire

Making a Difference to Lives in West Berkshire

Over the last few months, we have been proud to be working with a brand new local charity which will revolutionise the lives of hundreds of people in the Newbury area. The Rosemary Appeal aims to raise £4.5 million for a new cancer and renal treatment centre at West Berkshire Hospital.

We were asked to help create an identity for the Appeal – the charity was named after the late Rosemary Rooke, who donated the land for the construction. Rosemary is also appropriately symbolic for healing and remembrance.

The Rosemary Appeal is born out of The Newbury Cancer Care Trust and The Newbury and Thatcham Hospital Building Trust, both of whom remain charities in their own right but together form the basis of The Rosemary Appeal. The new charity was founded by a number of medical professionals who were frustrated with the lack of care units for cancer patients in the local area, meaning that West Berkshire residents battling cancer had to travel to places like Reading and Basingstoke to receive their chemotherapy or renal dialysis treatment.  To see the impact this is having on people’s lives, watch our video.

We were asked to create a new logo, name, website, and an assortment of marketing/promotional collateral (including flyers, wrist bands, stickers etc). Our social media team has also set up accounts for the Appeal on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which we will manage on an on-going basis.

To boost awareness and give the general public a clear insight into the background and purpose of the charity, we have also been commissioned to create a series of videos featuring the many people involved with the charity, including the founders, a number of patients and Lady Carnarvon of Highclere Castle, who is a patron of the charity.

The Rosemary Appeal is a fantastic initiative, which is long overdue, and will undoubtedly make a world of difference to cancer patients in the local area.  We are pleased to announce that this charity is our “appeal with the most appeal” for 2017 and we will be making a donation in lieu of Christmas cards and gifts to our clients and friends this year.  To find out more about The Rosemary Appeal or to make a donation please visit the website.