It’s Just Like Bacon and Eggs: Getting the Right Mix with Integrated Marketing

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It’s Just Like Bacon and Eggs: Getting the Right Mix with Integrated Marketing

If you’ve attended a marketing focused meeting in the past few years, chances are you would have heard the word “integrated” used on a number of occasions, whether its, “how do we make this integrated” or “it needs to be integrated”. However this isn’t the boardroom waffle it may sound like - integration is the key to marketing success!

Some things just work better together. Batman and Robin. Simon and Garfunkel. Bacon and Eggs. Liked alone, but loved together; the result is better than the sum of the parts. And that’s the secret to integrated marketing.

As opposed to deploying standalone marketing communications, an integrated campaign sees consistent messaging across multiple channels, with an aim of engaging prospects multiple times; cross-platform.

integrated marketing

So if you get all the platforms across the plethora of digital marketing tools and fire them out at the same time, it is an integrated campaign, right? Well, not quite.

Just because things are good in isolation, it doesn’t mean they are going to work together. A lot of people like bacon, and a lot of people like chocolate, but you don’t put them on the same plate (please comment if you do!).

It’s all very well running paid search advertising and telemarketing (both valuable) as outbound activity, but where’s the link? The likelihood you will call a clicker at random is so small it’s immeasurable. Sending your prospects an email and putting them through to your telemarketing function creates consistency, a connection. Consider the options that will target the same people, and engage the same taste buds.

So when it comes to developing a successful integrated marketing campaign, it’s worth considering how well each component ‘goes together’. I’m open to suggestions, but a bacon and chocolate campaign doesn’t sound so good to me.

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