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Direct Mail isn’t Dead

Marketing through digital technology has become increasingly popular over the last decade; with many businesses opting to use social media and email campaigns to retain customers and generate leads. Whilst MAXX is very proud of the digital campaigns successfully produced for our clients, we also know that there is still very much a place for postal campaigns. Direct mail isn’t dead! In fact, far from it.   One of the key stumbling blocks companies reach when discussing direct mail campaigns is cost.

There are however a number of ways to produce campaigns that are more cost effective. These include qualifying addresses and contact details before sending out the campaign to ensure that no piece of mail you’ve spent money creating is wasted, narrowing down the list of recipients so that it contains your warmest or most important leads as well as being clever with design. A direct mail piece doesn’t have to have a large number of additional costs such as multiple pieces of print, a giveaway or complicated envelopes. It can be designed to be memorable and engaging with only one or two of these elements.

An example of this is the tweet mailer campaign MAXX produced to promote its social media services. We received numerous compliments and a number of new pieces of work from this campaign that hinged on a single piece of print cut in a unique way. With some simple blue feathers we produced a quirky blue bird that surprised anyone that opened it. Even though the piece of print needed to be cut a certain way, it was designed to be a smaller size and only needed a simple blue envelope that matched the design: thus creating one of our most memorable pieces of direct mail in a cost effective manner.  

But will people still open direct mail? Would your customers not prefer an email? In our experience direct mail is still very popular. People like to have something they can touch, and the more effective the design, the more likely they are to pass the piece to others and show other members of the team. The magic cube campaign MAXX produced for our client Breakthrough Breast Cancer contained a ‘magic cube’ that could be arranged into many different formations. This type of direct mail captures people’s imagination and makes them explore and remember the piece.  

Remember a direct mail piece is of course most effective when the direct mail campaign is then followed up, whether this is by a phone call, email or social media engagement. Talking about something you’ve recently sent over in the post is a great, friendly way to start a conversation and one of the many reasons direct mail is still vital. Businesses don’t like receiving cold calls, nurturing a relationship with an effective piece of print gives you a reason to contact them and potentially win their business.

The work MAXX has undertaken with local client Quicklight highlights this point. The company’s sales grew by 76% last year and Quicklight has stated that much of this success has been down to the integrated campaigns that MAXX designed and managed based on an animal concept our design team created.  

Take a look at the video that explains this in more detail.   If you would like to speak to MAXX about creating a direct mail campaign that brings you business through design, please contact us on 01635 521224 or visit our website for more information. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

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