Instagram Stories viewing order breakdown - stalkers beware!

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Instagram Stories viewing order breakdown - stalkers beware!

Part 2 of a 2 part Instagram series

Since it’s launch in 2010, Instagram has racked up a mammoth 800 million users, and out of those, 300 million of them actively use Instagram stories. For those who are unaware, the stories feature is essentially a tool enabling Instagram users to post temporary photos and video clips (which disappear after 24 hours), providing followers with a ‘behind the scenes’ insight into their day-to-day lives. As users share multiple photos and videos, they will appear together in a slideshow format.

When it was first announced that Instagram would be introducing their stories feature, there was a widespread sense of skepticism as to whether it would actually be a success or not, especially as it was described as a ‘copycat’ version of Snapchat. However by early 2017, Instagram overtook Snapchat’s audience size - outdoing the platform with a number of tools to ensure that it is as entertaining and interactive as possible. From drawing tools and comical face filters, to moving animations, users have the opportunity to get creative on the platform whilst sharing their daily antics with their followers.

The ‘story views’ algorithm- stalkers beware!

As explained in an earlier blog article, Instagram operates with an algorithm, determining the content that users will see within their feeds. This algorithm is similarly applied to stories.

By swiping up on their screens whilst the stories are playing, users are able to see exactly who is viewing their stories; however, the list of viewers is not chronologically ordered. Once the viewing number has reached 50, the order of viewers is ranked by who is on your profile most.

Of course, it will take people who regularly engage with your main feed into consideration (via comments, likes, direct messages etc.). However, this also means that if a user is regularly clicking onto a specific person’s profile (even if they’re not actively interacting with them), they will more than likely appear at the top of the list of viewers.

Pretty disconcerting right?!

Essentially, the top 10 viewers on your stories will more than likely ‘stalk’ your account on a very regular basis (even if they don’t interact or engage with your profile at all!) but at least you’ll know who’s taking a particular interest in your life!

From a business point of view, the viewing order can serve as a useful tool for brands and organisations to establish who among their audience is most interested in their content.

They can also use this tool to pick out followers who appear lower down in their Instagram Stories views order list and then proactively engage with them. This will be determined as successful (or not) if and when the user you’ve selected to engage with moves up the list - thus signifying their growing interest.

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