How to implement great internal marketing in your business


As said by David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett Packard, “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.” All of the departments in an organisation should work and function closely together in order to ensure that everyone understands the brand message.   Internal marketing should take up a substantial amount of any marketeer’s time. The job of communicating with your colleagues is so essential, it should take priority.   Internal marketing is quite self-explanatory, it means treating the employees as internal customers and ensuring great communication and understanding of the business.  

Marketing departments need to remember that as important as it is to communicate the correct brand image with everyone outside of the company, it is as important for the people inside the company to understand the brand thoroughly. This can be successfully achieved through emails, newsletters, appraisals, annual reports, suggestion boxes, internal presentations, staff meetings, bulletin boards and any other creative way that organisations can think of to utilise and succeed with internal communications.

Not only this, but motivating internal communications can come in the form of staff magazines, department days out or company bonding days for example. If staff are not passionate about the brand and motivated, it will show in their work. (So those trips down to the pub with your colleagues are contributing to overall success of the business after all!)



People outside of the marketing team need not know the full detailed plan of any marketing campaign, just the key bits of information, including:

  • Objective of the campaign
  • Target audience
  • Positioning statement
  • Message
  • Description of activities and offers
  • Timeline for execution

 And remember that just because you email people with this information, it doesn’t mean that they actually read it! Get in front of your colleagues to talk about the plan and answer any questions they may have. Big brands including, Sainsbury’s, Ikea, Coca-Cola and the BBC are using new forms of internal social media to communicate with staff and raise productivity levels. Internal social media and other communication tools can boost employee satisfaction, trust and productivity.  

So why should you invest in the internal marketing function?

All company employees rely on good internal communications to ensure they are in the loop as to how well the company is doing and how their work is contributing to the company success. Good internal marketing and a clear understanding of the strategy throughout a business, results in shared ownership and people feeling responsible for the success. It is something no company can afford to ignore.

Staff do not perform better when driven by fear and anxiety, in fact that’s the time when they are mostly likely to make irrational decisions which backfire. I am sure the leaders reading this will already know and practice this. Staff work best when they fully understand the company’s business strategy and feel an important part of delivering it. When this happens, a company sees positive things happen.

I can happily say that MAXX definitely delivers on offering a fun environment for its employees, with regular MAXX bonding sessions and days out. Our latest day out was to Director Jackie’s house for team BBQ, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Our regular team meetings are also great, in my opinion, as they always seem to include copious amounts of delicious chocolate biscuits! MAXX is an expert in providing marketing strategies. If you want a marketing strategy to be proud of, contact us today. Or alternatively, contact us for social media support, amazing print, website development and campaigns. Subscribe for more blog articles, free hints and tips and prize giveaways, and why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter too?