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How Do I Convert More Traffic? The Million Dollar Question

By Conor Bant

So, how do you convert more website traffic? What’s the magic answer?

Well, if someone could categorically answer that question, they would probably be the greatest digital marketer to grace the Earth. On the off chance that you are not said marketing messiah, then you will know there is a plethora of ways to optimise conversions.

Sometimes, it can be something blindingly obvious such as a faulty registration/sign-up form. Or a process so onerous that people drop-off half way through completing the desired action. Is there even any traffic to convert?

It’s not uncommon for it being nigh on impossible to convert, as there’s no apparent way of doing so. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if the MAXX Design home page said (shouted) ‘CONTACT US THROUGH THE BIG ORANGE BOX', a slightly too noticeable call to action, people would probably not engage. They need to find out about us, see our work, know we’re credible. Essentially it’s selling to visitors before going for the knockout blow. So there’s a fine line to be struck when it comes to pushing your conversion opportunities forward.

You must also consider whether or not the method of engagement you offer meets your target audience’s requirement. I heard a statistic that some 90% of custom card purchases (think Funky Pigeon with those dubious TV ads) are during Monday to Friday working hours. It would seem that people are buying cards when they should be working, so a discrete online payment would be preferred to a phone order. Sure, it could be argued that people create their card online and therefore would continue to order that way, but the point stands. I normally find restaurants (and takeaways) online, but I book/order over the phone. If I found there was no phone number available and had to book a table online, I’d probably go elsewhere; no conversion, no business.

So that’s just 6 or 7 things to consider and we’ve not even touched on design, the information you ask for and the location of calls to action. So to reiterate, no MAXX Design doesn’t have the single answer to make your website convert like Jonny Wilkinson. But what we can do is have a chat, look around, find the stumbling blocks and get you moving forward. We can start that conversation on 01635 521224.

To help with the knowing what we’re about bit, you can check out our website (here’s hoping it converts!), blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We look forward to converting you!

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