Graphic Design Trends 2018/19

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Graphic Design Trends 2018/19

Graphic design is incorporated into so many areas of MAXX. Our designers create beautiful print products, websites, logos and branding for a range of businesses. It is so important to stay up to date with trends, as ultimately we want to stay ahead and create striking designs. Outlined below are some of the key trends that have evolved in the first half of 2018, and are expected to stick around for the second, as we move into 2019.

Gradients and Colour Transitions

Following Instagram’s new logo launch in 2016, which included a bright colour gradient, designers are embracing the colour spectrum. The advancement in the quality of our display screens means that designers do not have to stick with soft pastel hues. Colours are brighter, bolder and more striking. Colour relates to mood, and Pantone say “intense colours seem to be a natural application of our intense lifestyles and thought processes these days.”

The colour gradient is making its comeback from the days of rainbow word art and PowerPoint backgrounds, and is modern and engaging in its approach. Spotify, Green & Blacks and NYC Pride have all used bright colour gradients that suit their brand image and audience, creating bright and fun packaging, websites and branding.

Source: Fifteen Design


The minimal trend has been seen more in graphic design in the last few years, usually associated with luxury or niche, modern businesses. Minimal designs can deliver messages quickly and with a punch, or leave the audience with questions and wanting to find out more. The use of white space combined with a low amount of text, delivers a clean and authentic message to the audience. Moving forward, this trend will incorporate more daring colour ways, moving away from the classic combinations of black, white and grey.

Metallic Elements

The metallic’s trend has taken over fashion and interiors and now graphic design. In addition to bright colours, metallic elements create an impact. Foil stamping makes print marketing eye catching and attention grabbing with its reflective details. It is also very stylish and can add a luxurious touch to print collateral.

Source: Graphic Cinema


In terms of digital graphic design and web, the use of movement and GIFs has become a key trend. Brands post reaction GIFs on social media to try and stay relevant, but that will be taken a step further this year. There is a lot of buzz around the use of microinteractions, which are tiny animations used to communicate with users and help them perform tasks, such as clicking on a call to action button. In terms of larger animations, GIFs and SVGs are valuable tools for communicating a concept. They can be used on websites, ads, and email newsletters as well as a logo. New methods have allowed these animations to look muck sleeker when integrated with marketing content, and users are responding to them. GIF’s stand out in a newsfeed of static images, more so if they are simple, well designed and relatable.

Source: Google


This is a trend that has been making its way forward for some time. With the introduction of GDPR, marketing activities are set to become much more targeted and personal. This tactic has a track record of improving the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. This can be seen most prominently with luxury brand Burberry, who in 2015 reported that their investment in personalised customer management programs had resulted in a 50% increase in repeat custom. Personalised prints can reach the consumer on an individual level, and build a meaningful relationship. This smaller, more engaged audience will respond more effectively.

Trends and predictions are an important part of design. At MAXX, we take an active interest in how these trends impact marketing and design. If you’re interested in utilising these trends in your graphic design, get in touch at 01635 521224 or email us on [email protected]