Highclere Castle's brand new look

Highclere Castle's brand new look

At the end of last year MAXX was lucky enough to work on Highclere Castle’s brand new website. Highclere Castle is a well-known and beautiful location that is not only home to Lord and Lady Carnarvon, but is also the main inspiration and filming location for the popular TV series, Downton Abbey.  

This Christmas marked the end of the much loved Downton Abbey series, and Highclere Castle anticipated an increase in visitors to the website. To prepare for this, Highclere asked us to update the website so that it was responsive; (it would look great no matter what device it was viewed on), as well as building a wider format of design that allowed it to showcase the stunning photography. The site needed to create a fantastic experience for potential visitors: and we were thrilled to be asked to help. (Earlier this year we also built, and help run Lady Carnarvon's own personal blog which she updates regularly with popular articles and news. Check it out here).

Highclere Castle website; home of downton abbey New, visual menus were added


Not only did we help to build a new responsive site in time for Christmas, we were able to accommodate lots of new ideas and new imagery, some taken by Lord Carnarvon, to enhance the brand. We also added a bigger, visually interesting menu that allowed visitors to explore the site quickly and easily. We were able to organise the navigation in a way that made the journey across the site much more engaging.  

As the website was launched, there were increasing concerns about the amount of traffic the site would receive over Christmas and the New Year, after the final episode of Downton Abbey aired. MAXX took over the hosting for the Christmas period to ensure the sites would remain accessible, regardless of the amount of traffic received. We monitored it throughout the Christmas period and recorded that the site received an incredible 3000 views per minute across Christmas. 5.4 million access requests were made to the server over the first two weeks of launch alone and at its peak on 5th January, when the last series of Downton Abbey was aired in the USA, the server received 800,000 requests in one day! We are proud to say that the website stayed up without a hitch for the duration!

Lord Carnarvon said: we are delighted with the new layout and feel of the website which is appealing to users and fast and simple to navigate on phones and tablets as well as PCs. We are pleased that the site coped with the very large number of users in recent weeks who, besides exploring the site, have gone on to buy tickets and for events and gift shop items”.

If you would like a brand new responsive website, or would like some advice about incredibly secure, fast hosting services, contact the MAXX team today and let us know.