Google’s ‘Fred’ Update: Even More Reason to Review Your Links

When talking SEO to clients, we are always cautious about providing exact information about what search engines (basically Google) include within their ranking algorithms.

Whilst there are some now unwritten rules in SEO, such as avoiding keyword stuffing and the importance of site structure, Google very rarely publishes the exact changes in its algorithm. Even when it announces the roll out of an update to its core algorithm (the Pandas and Penguins of this world) there is no official word on what it means.

So it’s hardly unsurprising that the real techy SEO bods out there have recently noticed a highly likely update to Google, this time further penalising sites receiving spam-like links. With Google not naming this change after a member of the animal kingdom, the SEO industry has bizarrely named this updated ‘Fred’.

Whilst many sites will not see a difference in their rankings or search traffic volumes, what the birth of Fred does show is that Google will routinely look to crack down on those running any remotely ‘black hat’ SEO tactics.

What would we say to our clients around the threat of Fred? Our stance stays the same; continually review your links to ensure you are being represented by genuine, authoritative sources and not being unknowingly pulled into some form of link building scheme.

If you would like to discuss what Fred could mean for your website presence or SEO in general we’d love to have a chat. You can get hold of us on [email protected].

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