Ethical Mailing

Ethical Mailing

MAXX and Marlborough College have introduced new compostable, bio-degradable wrapping for their Marlborough Together newsletter.

Sustainable mailings are no longer a 'nice to have'. It is essential for major brands to consider not only what they are mailing, but also how it is being mailed.

Marlborough Together is mailed out worldwide bi-annually to over 10,000 recipients so MAXX sourced a more eco-friendly solution to the traditional plastic polybag wrapper. The solution was a 100% compostable (100% plastic free) wrapper robust enough to protect the contents for international mailing. 

Although more expensive than the standard plastic wrapper, this was a solution the College felt strongly about. They felt that it was important to put into practice messages that were being highlighted in this issue of the magazine focussing on innovation, sustainability and micro plastics in the River Kennet. 

It is becoming more and more important for brands to become more accountable as consumers are paying a lot more attention to all aspects of marketing; from production, delivery, and disposal.

If you have a mailout or a requirement for promotional items, let MAXX help you make the right decisions for the environment. Think about starting your own green marketing journey by making your printed materials and packaging recyclable, reusable, or compostable.