Is Livestream the future of video?

Is Livestream the future of video?

Over the past few years, a new trend called Livestreaming has been having an impact in some industries. Now more and more Livestreaming options are coming into the market. But what is Livestreaming? Put simply, Livestream allows you to use your smart devices to live stream your entire life onto the Internet, through various simple applications.   To give an example, the most successful industry to utilise Livestreaming so far is gaming. Services such as Twitch and YouTube’s very own Livestreaming services allow people to record their game play as they play, and viewers around the world to tune in and watch. For some gamers, viewers will even donate money: meaning Livestreaming games has suddenly become profitable… in some cases, a well paid job!  

The music industry has also adopted streaming services to their advantage. Although, the streaming services that are available in the music industry are not video Livestreams, this could show us the structure to where video Livestream could be. Spotify, Deezer, iTunes Radio, Google Play Music and the recently released Tidal by Jay Z are all thriving off the streaming opportunities. Most of these services offer a free and paid subscriptions, the free subscriptions usually let you stream music without being able to skip tracks, ads that interrupt and only allows you to listen to radio stations. The paid subscriptions liberates you totally from the pains of the free version, this is where the money is made.

An interesting note to bare in mind is that iTunes still ranks as #1 music service, despite the competition from streaming services.   Recently a new app has surfaced called Meerkat that allows you to video your life on a day to day basis, like your very own personal real life Facebook. Meerkat allows you to connect with your Twitter account, providing you with an audience immediately. This app essentially turns your smart devices into a portable webcam, giving you the ability to video every second of your life - until your iPhone runs out of battery of course! So, is 2015 out with the selfies and in with the Livestream? We will have to wait and see if this trends or if it is a one hit wonder. Even if the everyday consumer doesn’t adopt this, businesses could use this in innovative ways.

  Is Livestreaming something that you could implement into your business? Well, it entirely depends on which industry you fall into. The gaming industry is thriving off Livestreaming, but is it appropriate for everyone? In more niche markets, perhaps people may not be ready for Livestream on a daily basis. However, as mediums like video become increasingly popular, this could be an opportunity to get creative. Are you a chef, or a bakery? Could you Livestream making your special flapjack recipe? Are you a photographer? Could you Livestream taking the perfect photo? If you are thinking about using Livestream, we have a few

suggestions that will work for any general office based business; streaming and training sessions that you have in house, group activities such as, team meetings and brainstorm meetings.  

Where do you think Livestreaming will be in a years time? Do you think you could use Livestreaming for your business? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr.

Is Livestream the future of video?

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