Why we use Drupal – the features and benefits

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Why we use Drupal – the features and benefits

As an established agency with over 20 years of experience, we know a thing or two about content management systems. In this time website design and development has evolved into more than a simple landing page and some thrown together content. The impact of e-commerce, social media and smartphones has presented new challenges as well as opportunities. At MAXX, we are confident in the systems that we use, and have a team of experienced developers who can bring innovative ideas to life. For us Drupal is the content management system of choice.

If you are unsure about what exactly Drupal is- let me explain. Drupal is essentially an open source content management system, which manages the creation, modification and editing of digital content. Open source software such as this is publically available code. This means that there is no cost involved with the software, it is free to download, use and modify, and is constantly maintained by a dedicated community. For users this is a great benefit, as there are no requirements for purchase, licences or maintenance fees.

Drupal has a large community of users who help one another by posting helpful tips and modules online. A module is an add-on which provides new functionality, such as a gallery or Instagram feed which can be attached to a website. All modules that have been created for Drupal sites can be found in the Drupal community. If you cannot find a module to suit what you need, you can customise an existing one or create a new one altogether. In addition to customising with modules, MAXX can customise anything to fit with the desired look and feel.

All modules are built around the Drupal core, which is a key strength compared to other CMS. As well as great flexibility, Drupal also has great scalability to extend Drupal core to a higher level with a variety of modules. We think it is the best choice for advanced websites that require complex functionality but is also ideal for simple sites too, as we build a customised admin panel so all complexity is stripped out, making it supremely easy to use for smaller organisations.

Security is one of the biggest factors in determining which CMS to use when building a website. It is also one of the stand out qualities of Drupal. Contributors as well as Drupal experts have rigorously tested it against strict security rules. Fundamentally, Drupal’s built in security is strong; locking down whatever directory is installed and securing important data. Highly secure sites such as whitehouse.org and nyse.com are built using Drupal.  This is where it scores higher over other systems, such as WordPress, as the way WordPress has evolved from a blog could arguably mean each time functionality is added with a plug-in, there is the potential of introducing a security risk.

Drupal is a highly effective content management system, which offers flexibility, scalability and security. Our developers have built a range of sites using Drupal, including corporate sites, blogs, e-commerce sites and international multi language sites. You can see examples of our work in our Portfolio or on our Drupal CMS introduction. You don’t need to be a Drupal expert to understand how it works and what it can do for you. We’ve got a team of those ready to help you with your new website.

If you would like to know more about the features and benefits of Drupal, or want to chat about a new website idea, get in touch with our digital team. Drop an email to [email protected] to start the conversation.