When will you need my content?

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When will you need my content?

By James Briggs

We hear this question a lot here at MAXX, whether we’re building a website or creating a brochure, the same question crops up time and again.

Every project is different of course but in an ideal world the very best time to provide us with content (both words and images) is before we get to work. In this blog we’ll explain why providing content early on enables us to produce an even more beautiful and effective website or brochure.

Content is King!

It’s vital for your website to have good content, not only to make your business look great but also to help improve your website's Search Engine rankings.

Yet we often find ourselves adding a client's content right before their website is due to launch. This is usually because they’ve underestimated the amount of work involved in creating copy and sourcing imagery.

Business owners are usually one of the busiest people in an organisation so it can be hard for them to find the time to write the content for the whole website. It can be equally hard for them to hand over the responsibility to someone else.

So, who should write your content?

Our advice is to share the responsibility for writing content with those in your organisation best suited to writing it, such as colleagues in your marketing team. After all your website is one of your most valuable marketing tools!

They should work on one page at a time gaining input from colleagues when needed, only sending to you for final approval. This way, content can be delivered to us gradually once approved to help ensure it reaches us on time.

If the above isn’t possible, we can of course take the job of copywriting off your hands. Our copywriters will work with you to get to know your business inside out and write great content to match. Read more about this here.

Content for design

Receiving content early on can really help when we’re producing the initial design concepts for a website or when laying out a brochure or piece of printed collateral.

Factoring it into the design right from the start means we don’t need to use dummy or holding text thus giving you a true representation of what your website will ultimately look like. 

Equally, images are a major element of the page layout for printed materials so if we have to use a holding image, you don’t get the true impact of the design and if we can’t find one the same size, the whole layout can change dramatically.

Content for SEO

Google is not interested in how amazing your website looks (more's the pity), it simply reads your content, applies its algorithm and places your website in its search listings accordingly.

If your website content doesn't reach us until the day before launch, we can’t work with you to review your keyword phrases and optimise your web pages accordingly. So, by providing us with content early on, you may increase your chances of ranking higher on Google sooner for your chosen keyword phrases.

If you’re struggling with content, don’t worry we’re on hand to help as we offer copywriting services and we can help you every step of the way in your new website journey! Get in touch today [email protected]