Mary Hare School's brand new look!

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Mary Hare School's brand new look!

Last month, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to completely redesign and rebuild the website for Mary Hare School.

Renowned for being the largest school for the deaf in the UK and the ‘Centre of Excellence’ for deaf education, we are honoured to be able to be involved with such a worthwhile organisation.

This site had to combine two clear objectives; to establish Mary Hare as a leading school for deaf children and to show that it is also a centre of excellence for learning, where professionals can attend to enhance their learning.

Due to the profound hearing impairment of pupils, it was crucial that the visual imagery of the site was maximised, so that the user is provided with a highly interactive and sensory browsing experience. Features such as the new, warm and upbeat colour scheme with different colours for each section on the site helps to distinguish the school’s different departments as well as helping to accurately reflect the schools welcoming and sunny ethos.

The site has many new features to ease navigation and functionality, for example the new drop down, interactive mega menu. This component enables users to swiftly browse through the different pages on the site and discover key pieces of information in just a few clicks.

The interactive infographic in the entry procedure section is a sleek and striking tool to help simplify the entry process, enabling users to scroll through the steps and access the information they require.

As with all our sites, the Mary Hare website is fully responsive so optimised for mobile and tablet devices, so that the browsing experience is seamless and consistent regardless of how it is viewed.

Essentially, the new contemporary design of the Mary Hare website means that parents, staff and students alike are provided with a browsing experience that is informative, attractive and easy to navigate. Thanks again to Mary Hare for giving us the opportunity to work with such an awesome school!

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