SEO copywriting- why it should be a fundamental element of your marketing strategy

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SEO copywriting- why it should be a fundamental element of your marketing strategy

There is no doubt that every business, of every size, in every industry needs an online presence (if you can think of one that doesn’t, I’d love to hear it!).

Now while it’s all very well and good having a website, there’s pretty much no point having one if it can’t be found easily right? Especially if you’ve just spent your hard earned cash on a snazzy new site with all the bells and whistles!

However, when it comes to being found, unfortunately, it’s not enough for your website to just feature readable, engaging content. It will need to be full of well-crafted copy that has been optimised for the search engines (SEO).

So what is SEO copywriting exactly and why is it so important?

An SEO copywriter will essentially utilise the key words and phrases that are most likely to attract the highest amount of traffic to a website.

Successful SEO copywriting is all about creating captivating and valuable content that would engage people, encourage them to read and ideally share on social media. The more valuable the content, the more this is likely to happen, thus achieving a higher ranking in the search engines.

Ideally, you want to feature as high on the search engines as possible. Because as harsh as it sounds, if you’re not featured on page 1 or 2 of your chosen search engine, then you might as well not feature at all.

In order to do this, a balance needs to be struck between pleasing the search engines and the reader. Keywords need to be featured (without 'stuffing') in a natural, reader friendly way so that Google (or any other search engine) recognises that the content is relevant and useful for someone who is searching on that given phrase.

It’s also important to focus on both quality and quantity. As the average first page result on Google contains 1890 words, it’s safe to say that long content ranks better. However, when the page opens, if it is really word-heavy this will make it unattractive – possibly even off-putting to a prospect so there really needs to be a compromise. If content is long, it will provide lots of information and detail which the search engines love – but we want prospects to love it too! So writing something that is quite hefty but engages readers is important.

Essentially, if you want your website to be found, by featuring higher in the search engines than your competitors, it’s well worth investing in some high quality SEO copywriting. This will help to boost brand awareness and whilst reaching the right audience for the right reasons!  

Lucky for you, we have a number of copywriters here at MAXX who would be thrilled to help you rank highly in the search engines!