Why a Good Website and Your Favourite Meal Are Not All That Different

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Why a Good Website and Your Favourite Meal Are Not All That Different

Following on from comparing bacon and eggs to integrated marketing, the food theme is continued in our latest blog. But it’s completely relevant, so bare with us.

Everyone says that you eat with your eyes, and it’s true. Like a child turning their nose up at a broccoli stalk, judgements are made on appearance. And it’s not even a case of struggling to overcome a negative first impression; we often don’t get that far - something we don’t like the look of will rarely reach our forks. Little can be done to change that, apart from no longer being 6 and losing an irrational prejudice against anything green.

It’s not so different with websites. Upon landing, you have an estimated 6 seconds to capture your visitors’ interest.  And unless you can wow them with a website that makes an impact, you’ll be lucky to get 3.

If website design is not given the care and consideration it deserves, people will often not find what may be highly relevant content and the answer to their query. Once that instant judgement is made, people will think ‘this site looks a bit dodgy, it can’t help me’, and bounce out. Businesses with a great content, and a better offering may seriously suffer from a lack of new enquiries if their website looks, well, rubbish.

Website design can often be the biggest factor in conversion optimisation. An “old school” style site may rank well due to domain authority built up over many years and receive lots of hits, but this won’t help if they don’t stay on the site long enough to find out more information and go on a make an enquiry. All that effort (and possibly money paid) to get good rankings is wasted.

But it’s also not the case that all websites that have been recently built will do well. The boundaries of web design are constantly being pushed, and some websites are very well designed with video and interactive elements becoming increasingly the norm. Those who are always considering their web presence and updating regularly are the ones generating the most business online, as they look to meet their customer’s constantly changing expectations.

In summary. when it comes to your website, think ‘would I eat it’. Or maybe “would I stay on this site?” is a better approach. Either way, the result is the same: if it doesn’t look good, people won’t hang around to listen to you, let alone buy.

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