Walk Before You Can Run: Why Your Website is the Foundation to Digital Marketing

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Walk Before You Can Run: Why Your Website is the Foundation to Digital Marketing

With the influx of digital channels and strategies that have become established parts of our lives, it’s unsurprising that businesses have turned to them as a means to drive awareness and sales. The target of much of this digital marketing activity is the website, where all information about your business is stored, its also very likely to be the way your prospect will first get in touch.

What really surprises me is how often businesses put great effort into driving traffic through search engines and social media to a website that is less than perfect. Why would you want to direct traffic into a website that, as a business, you are not happy with?

The quality of your website will play a huge role in how successful some traffic sources, specifically Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC), will perform. Your website will not rank as highly if it is not built on a search-friendly platform, the site is difficult to crawl, and is not mobile-responsive; these are typical issues, often found in older websites. When it comes to PPC campaigns, your quality scores will be shot if the landing experience is not busting full of content related to your ads and keywords. You’ll end up bidding higher to position, sending your PPC campaign costs soaring.

So before you start dreaming up your next big marketing campaign, consider where you are sending people. Would the landing experience work on you? If there are some question marks against that, then it’s time to take a step back.

Does your website need work to become the sales generation tool you want it to be? Let us take a look and we’ll start working on how to deliver the website you need. You can contact us via @MAXXDesign, Facebook or LinkedIn, or call us on 01635 521224.