How a CMS can benefit your business

How a CMS can benefit your business

In the modern world we live in, it’s unusual to find someone who doesn’t have a mobile phone. Gone are the days where you would remember the full phone number for your friends, work place, doctors surgery, kids school, etc. That little box of tech that neatly fits into the palm of your hand can produce a neat list of all of your contacts, and when you select someone, offer you their landline, mobile, second mobile, email, work email, and a whole bunch of other information. The mobile phone has become an essential piece of tech that makes life easier and has its own journey of advancements from the clumsy ‘brick’ that made the first call in 1973, to the sleek ‘slim line’ versions that grace our pockets and handbags today.

The world of web is very similar with every business worth its salt owning a handful of domains and a set of web pages that promote a company ethos, a list of services, and who to contact. Up until the last few years, these sites relied on the company sales team or account managers emailing content to a web design team, and then waiting for the site to be updated. It was a slow process and one that was hard to get staff excited about…. However, along came the Content Management System (CMS for short), and finally the company staff were given the power to change the content of their site whenever and as many times as they liked. Blogs were posted, news articles reported, events scheduled, staff profiles updated, and the world of the web was taken to a new level of richer, up to date content. Which of course Google loves. Like the old ‘brick’ mobile phone, it didn’t take long before the clumsy ‘static’ company website became a thing of the past, and the CMS version became the up-to-date ‘slim line’ tool preferred by sales and marketing teams all over the world. Here at MAXX we offer the best CMS options on the market. Drupal, Wordpress and our own custom built MAXXLinx. Although it might not be as well-known as the likes of Wordpress, Drupal has proven itself time and time again with better security and SEO features than other CMS systems. In fact, the increased security of using a PHP open source CMS was cited as one reason the White House switched to Drupal.


With a community of over 1,000,000 users and developers, you have to ask…  Who is using Drupal? Ever heard of any of these companies:

 - News Publishing: The BMJ, The Economist, New Republic

 - Intranet/Corporate Websites: SpaceX, Lush, Danone, Tesla Motors, Peugeot

 - Education: Stanford Law, Harvard, Oxford, MIT Media Lab

 - Art, Music, Multimedia: The Beatles, MTV UK, The Weather Channel, NBC, BBC,, Musée du Louvre

 - Government:,,, New Zealand Government, The Prince of Wales

 - Nonprofit/NGO: Oxfam, British Council EAL, Amnesty International

 - Transportation: Gatwick Obviously, NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority

So, is your company website a CMS? If not, how long are you going to wait before you replace your old fashioned ‘brick’, with the ‘slim line’ version that gives you full control? And will you do it better and more pro-actively than your competitors? What are your thoughts on using a CMS? Will you convert your company website?

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