Land of Adventure and Legends – how to rebrand Wales…

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Land of Adventure and Legends – how to rebrand Wales…

Matt, our Creative Director, recently sent me a link to this article saying “I think you may be interested in this”.  I was. And I think you will be too. A fascinating assignment – the rebranding of Wales!

Click HERE to read more about how Cardiff and Amsterdam agency - Smörgåsbord tackled the challenge…

As a proud Welshwoman I was a bit concerned about the “redrawing” of the Welsh dragon but I do really like what the guys at Smörgåsbord have done; its confident and has a nod to heritage but it feels really contemporary and relevant to life today. I particularly love the distinct new typeface – Cymru Wales Sans. And if, as Visit Wales claims, it has generated an extra £370 million for the Welsh economy and a marked percentage increase in overseas visitors, then it is certainly money well spent.

Thanks for the introduction, Matt!

To find out about one of our own branding projects, click here to find out about our work with AccelerComm. Whilst there were no dragons involved they were thrilled with their new logo and the marketing materials developed from it!

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