Did you notice YouTube's new font?

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Did you notice YouTube's new font?

We have spoken before about the importance of font and why deciding what font you should use is a decision that should never be rushed. There are a number of areas to consider, from branding based decisions about whether the font suits the company and matches other visuals to logistical decisions about whether or not the font is “web safe”. We will never stop shouting about font and the part it has to play in design!

Having said that, even we were surprised at YouTube’s bold decision to create its own in house font that now feels a lot less Google-esque. YouTube’s in-house UX (User Experience) team have been working with brand consultancy Saffron to come up with a new font called ‘YouTube Sans’. It has been designed to “express a uniquely YouTube aesthetic”

It has made its official debut in YouTube’s newest service offering – YouTube TV a new live streaming service but it is designed to be used in all product and marketing communications.

The new font is inspired by the play button, according to Saffron “one of the first tasks was to redraw the ‘YouTube icon’ to make sure its curves and angles were perfect” with the font designed to complement the softly rounded curves of the play button’s outer edges. Is this a step to far though? You could definitely argue that a brand as important as YouTube (it is the world’s second largest search engine and third most visited site after Google and Facebook) doesn’t need to differentiate itself with its own font. However at its core, this change is about a company aligning all its visuals and marketing, enhancing brand identity and creating recognition. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend every company create its own font, we would certainly say that everyone should consider these areas!

You could do this by taking advice on changing your font (there are so many to choose from!), or alternatively a number of clients have asked us to produce brand guidelines that set in stone how to correctly use company’s chosen font, palette of colours and imagery.

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We’d also love to know what do you of the new YouTube font? Does it represent YouTube as a whole or does it look misplaced? Let us know in the comments below...