Companies are taking a bite out of Veganuary

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Companies are taking a bite out of Veganuary

Individuals are starting to take more and more responsibility for their product and food consumption and are actively searching for ethical choices. With the increase of knowledge and acceptance of veganism plus an increase in the availability of products that are more environmentally friendly, brands have been forced to provide sustainable choices.  This means that Veganuary has become more accessible to the average consumer than ever before.

With veganism taking the mainstream by storm, companies are feeling the pressure to launch products that are suitable. Italian restaurant chain Frankie and Benny’s (F&B) recently published its humorous video advertising a new vegan menu featuring an enraged Meat Loaf who refuses ‘to do anything for’ veg - including changing his name to Veg Loaf.  

F&B isn’t the only brand using marketing to showcase its new vegan range. Greggs took to social media to launch the newest products on its vegan menu. Sharing the advertisement online via social media is the quickest way to spread the news, with push notifications and the ability for consumers to share and interact with news meaning that individuals are always kept up-to-date with what is happening around them. Greggs states that while there has been a strong demand for its traditional selection, its vegan range has “huge popularity” and has driven sales. Due to this high demand, Greggs is adding the vegan steak bake and doughnut to its menu just in time for Veganuary.


Not all brands are launching new products, Heinz is showcasing that its most famous products are already vegan friendly! Heinz tweaked its famous branding to show that its beans are vegan. It changed its classic “Beanz mean Heinz” slogan to “Beanz meanz Vegan” to appeal to those participating in Veganuary. The campaign will launch on 11th January, which according to Heinz, is the toughest day and will be when most people end Veganuary. Heinz marketing executive Emily Wright said: “There’s a general perception that being vegan means you have to spend lots of money on fancy foods, but being vegan isn’t all kale and quinoa.”

Heinz, Frankie and Benny’s and Greggs are not the only brands feeling the pressure of the rising ethical consumerism in the UK. Waitrose, Subway, Co-op and other high street companies and supermarkets are all launching products that are encouraging individuals to be more environmentally and ethically aware of their consumer choices and purchases. Waitrose & Partners added more than 30 new vegan products across its own-label and branded ranges, doubling its plant-based offering. Furthermore, Subway has launched a Meatless Meatball Marinara sub sandwich, Pizza Hut added vegan pepperphoni pizza and Asda is launching a new plant-based range with vegan products starting at £1.50; the range is argued to be the “most affordable” on the market.

The Golden Globes going vegan was huge news this week and although veganism hasn’t been considered a niche diet for years, the award show’s culinary choices are just another example of how mainstream it’s become. The Awards organisers took to Twitter to annouce the news and the response shows a massive shift in ideology towards veganism. In previous years, veganism has been pictured negatively in the press and in general society, whereas now, it could be argued that this thought process has shifted significantly. This puts undeniable pressure on other big corporations, brands and events like the Oscars and BAFTAs to follow the Golden Globes' example.

In 2018, the UK launched more vegan products than any other nation and with new and existing players working hard to ensure they have the upper hand in a market that is ripe for innovation and price, veganism and ethical consumerism are only going to rise!

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