Why is Search Engine Optimisation important?

You can have the greatest website ever, but not much good if nobody sees it.

Also you could have hundreds of people seeing your website but none of them are your buyers.

So the aim is to get the right people in the right place.

Google is notoriously secretive about its algorithms and continually changes them to provide us with the most relevant results, and if you believe its critics, to generate the most revenue!

SEO copywriting- why it should be a fundamental element of your marketing strategy

There is no doubt that every business, of every size, in every industry needs an online presence (if you can think of one that doesn’t, I’d love to hear it!).

Now while it’s all very well and good having a website, there’s pretty much no point having one if it can’t be found easily right? Especially if you’ve just spent your hard earned cash on a snazzy new site with all the bells and whistles!

Blogging for business

As you may have guessed, here at MAXX, we love to blog. It gives us the opportunity to immerse ourselves into a topic of interest, share our expertise and unleash some of our creativity through the medium of words for a couple of hours.

As much as we love blogging though, we are not just doing it for fun. There is method in the madness with a multitude of benefits blogging can bring to your business. In fact it has proven to be one of the most valuable elements you can add to your website, for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Are the Day’s of Black Hat SEO Gone?

Whilst new channels, platforms and devices come and go, one tool that people have continued to use is good old Google, ensuring the SEO drum is banged hard by all businesses. Google search is our go-to and is part of everyday life. It’s a bit like TV; whilst it’s changing, it won’t go away anytime soon.

The SEO Race: Don’t Lose Too Much Sleep Over It

The importance of search engine optimisation cannot be stressed enough. There are plenty of stats to be reeled off around the number of web sessions starting with a search and the page one drop-off. Even those with little idea of what SEO is can appreciate its benefit, purely based on their own online behaviours.

With the value placed on search engine rankings, a whole generation of SEO experts have entered the workplace, constantly looking for any incremental gains that could propel them up a place or two in the continual race for search engine nirvana: page one, number one.

Are you getting the most from your PPC campaigns?

PPC – or you may know it as ‘Pay Per Click marketing’, has been around for many years, but many businesses are still yet to use it. At MAXX we frequently find that clients are keen to know more about PPC: what it is and how it works. So, should you be using it & will it benefit your business? Hopefully this will help you decide if you are missing a trick regarding PPC.

Should you trust your Google analytics data?

Using Google Analytics to measure and track how users interact with a website has become a common way of collecting important and actionable data. It allows us to track where users are entering a site, how they navigate through it, which pages or posts they engage with most and the volume of traffic as a whole. So, it is safe to say that we rely on this monthly data in order to measure and improve what we are doing online. So just how accurate is the data that we are receiving and should we trust it?