Logo Design

The New Instagram: Is it Instaglam?

If you hadn’t noticed the new flash of colour on your phone home screen, it’s most probably been referenced in your Facebook or Twitter feed. Unless you’re not one of the 400 million global users, it’s nigh on impossible to not have heard: Instagram has changed its logo.

Google's new logo: the good and the bad

 In the last couple of weeks Google has unveiled its biggest redesign since 1999. By now most of you will have noticed the new logo and formed an opinion whether you like it or not. The new logo has had a mixed reception: some people love it, others hate it. This divide of opinion is best demonstrated on Twitter, with one user saying that they thought Google was “commemorating the inventor of crayons”.  

Why is my font so important?

How can something so small, be such a big discussion point? A font does everything from representing the brand, to increasing legibility. This is the first time since the iPhone original launch that we have seen Apple use two different fonts for its devices. Named, simply, ‘San Francisco’: The new font is sleeker, clear, easy to read and is displayed across all of the devices in a subtle manner. It is specifically designed to be easier to read on smaller devices – i.e, the Apple watch.

What is the real value of design for business?

When we think of the big brands of today, certain organisations come to mind. Apple, Vodafone, Kelloggs… just to name a few off the top of my head. All of these brands have something in common: strong design - a strong brand identity that has been designed and sculpted time and time again to create something we instantly recognise. The CEO and owner of international brand, Speedo is quoted saying: ‘Design is everything. Because without it we have no business. Anybody can design a decent product – they can’t all design outstanding products.

5 Huge logo icons - over the years

The power of a logo can be simply astonishing if used correctly. You can take the world by storm. How many of these examples can you find etched into objects all around you? Lets have a look at the biggest logo campaigns existing worldwide: and see how far they’ve come!   First off we have the biggest apple on the tree. This logo has become so iconic it’s impossible to miss and is almost infectious.

Nike Logo

The origins of the Nike Logo

When you think of an iconic logo, what comes to mind? McDonald's golden arches? The Disney princess castle? Or perhaps the Nike swoosh? You may take it for granted that these distinctive logos have always been around, but at some point they started life as a creative concept on a plain sheet of paper. Carolyn Davidson was a fresh graduate in 1971 when Phil Knight, founder of Nike, asked her to create a new logo for his brand.