Graphic Design Team

The secret to the greatest logos of all time

(If featured video does not work please watch the video here.)   Now this is detail. Watching the video as to how Rio came up with their Olympic logo is truly inspiring: It reminds us just how much thought and work can go into and should go into branding for your company.

What does YOUR colour choice say about you?

What does your colour choice say about you? When MAXX rebranded itself several months ago, we introduced a jazzy new rainbow colour palette across all our printed materials, which is also reflected in our website and blog. We have also more recently refreshed our business cards with a range of colours and styles for each person in the company. These have gone down particularly well - they certainly make an impact, which after all is what our business is all about!

DIY: Bonfire night

DIY project: bonfire night Tomorrow is bonfire night, a time for burgers, bonfires and fireworks! To help get you in the mood, we’ve put together some firework treats...   Help us to capture Guy Fawkes.

DIY project: Halloween

Monday is Halloween. So while you get ready for the witches, ghosts and monsters to come knocking at your door, why not try some of our spooky activities...

Dermot’s working week

graphic design dermot work Monday Every Monday morning we have a work-in-progress meeting, where we go through every job in the company so we all know what’s going on.

Stephen's favourite film...

...5th Element. I didn’t know anything about this film before I went to see it, but loved it when I did. It’s a sci-fi with action and comedy, everything I like in a film. There is a design element to it, which means visually it’s great. I liked the music too and ended up buying the sound track.

Stephen’s working week

being a designerMonday The beginning of this week has mainly focused on the work I’m doing for Index, a company that specialises in electronic security systems. I’ve created designs for its new website, reflecting its brand identity and submitted these for approval.

Meet legendary MAXX the bear: The beginnings of a brand

You may have wondered, (if you don’t already know), why MAXX Design is called MAXX. MAXX Design received its name courtesy of a very special… well, bear. The legendary story goes: (yes, this is going somewhere) that Dermot, our Managing Director – after years of moaning about how his parents never bought him a teddy bear, was finally bought a teddy bear by his long suffering wife, Katie. The real MAXX bear is now 35 years old and Dermot has never let him go since – in fact, he’s responsible for the whole MAXX brand. Quite an achievement – clearly he is no ordinary bear.